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Dear Sirs – I have a M/f 165 with an A4 212 Perkins engine – cylinder head gasket leaking causing pressure in cooling system & also oil in the water. Stripped down top of engine – had head pressure tested & checked for trueness – both ok – did the valves & all injectors serviced – checked for any visable signs of cracks – left parrafin in water jacket in block for a few days to see if level drops – didn’t – assembled engine using new gaskets (M/F Parts) & all bolts / nuts torqued down – started engine – runs well / oil pressure good / temperature normal / no smoke from exhaust -breather ok.
Had engine running for several hours and under load – took tractor to do a little job about 2 mile trip – water coming out of Rad overflow intermittently – stopped & checked – oil in water & oil level on dipstick dropprd to just above half way – flushed coolant system through & filled with clean water – run engine for 2 hours traces of oil in water but level constant – any Ideas


Hi Richard,

Just a couple of thoughts…..

There isn’t really anywhere in the head where oil is under pressure (except the little bit which goes up to the rockers). So I’m thinking that oil in the water could be from a crack in the block.

Is the engine fitted with a heat exchanger (oil cooler) between the oil and water systems? This could be an area where oil could enter the water system.


Steve Ridsdale

Dear Steve,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my email about the 165 multi power perkins engine.

You are correct about a crack in the block – on further investigation I found on top of the block over the top of oil way a hole which had been filled up with lead / or some kind of soft material & machined – this has been by the look of it leaking & then sealing itself up again when I stripped head off the first time one of the holes for the water jacket was all blocked up apart from a few pin holes ( this hole is directly above the filled up part in block )
When head pressure checked I asked about if it should be blocked off but they didn’t think so – the engine is out of tractor in my workshop all stripped out – put head back on & torqued up – using a very long piece of plastic pipe to give some pressure filled up engine with water & found a crack between 2 -3 inside block – dripping badly – also badly corroded inside bottom of block – looks like a good secondhand short block if I can find one – again many thanks for taking the time to reply.

Kind Regards
Richard Collishaw