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Having problems with oscillating valve cir clip. How do you get cir clip in position inside valve. Does the valve slide? My old girl is in the 400,000 series. Acquired her last year, finally getting around to
refurbishing her. She still goes, but how so got me beat – more sludge than the black lagoon in back end of her. Any help greatly recieved.


[ad#486-x-60-banner]Hi Jed,

Yes the valve slides.

There ws an alteration to the design of this component at serial number

It would appear that the control valve and keyrod (or oscillating drive
strip – depending on version) can be assembled together whilst being out of the pump. This should make it some what easier to work on the retaining circlip. It is of the upmost importance for the circlip to be located correctly in its groove.

As long as the pump is not fitted to the tractor, the valve and oscillator keyrod/drive strip should simply slide back into its bore after lining up the square/slot.

Hope you have some luck.