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Here at Vintage Tractor Engineer we get a lot of correspondence from the Irish tractor men (and ladies!!). The magnitude of following in Ireland is overwhelming, and it goes without saying that Ferguson is a favourite over there. There are Grey Fergusons in their thousands taken to shows, rallies and road runs. Well why not? Harry Ferguson arguably made the greatest ever contribution to agriculture of any one individual, and that is quite rightly celebrated by all us Ferguson enthusiasts.

Take a look at this competition. Teams of four dismantle a Ferguson TE 20 TVO and then put the whole thing back together again and start up the engine as fast as they can. The fastest team is the winner. The teams are obviously well practiced but each have their own techniques and method of assembly. You can take a look at all the rules at Ferguson20Build.com.

And the winning time? 6 minutes 18 seconds. I think Vintage Tractor Engineer will have to do a bit more practicing! (Ed)