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Massey Ferguson 135


The Massey Ferguson 135 was produced from 1964 to 1978 and is one of the best loved Massey Fergusons tractors.  The 135 was the smallest in the 100 series range and was launched at the Smithfield Show in 1964, fitted with a Perkins AD3.152 engine which later gave 47hp.


MF135The 100 series tractors replaced the MF35x and MF65 tractors, retaining many of the much loved features of the 35 but with some added equipment.  The hydraulic system was slightly redesigned, lifting 3,150lbs at the lower links and incorporating an integral pick-up hitch.  The more squared look of the body work gives that classic look, and with self cleaning foot pedals, a larger fuel tank and comfort seat, the tractor was well received by farmers for 14 years.

Want to know MF135 serial number information?

The hydraulics on the 135 provided position and draft control, as previously available on the MF35.  The hydraulics system also came with the option of “pressure control”.  Pressure control was a function which could be used to transfer the weight of a trailed implement onto the drive wheels to increase traction.  A special pressure coupler attached between the lower links and the drawbar of the implement.  When traction was good the position control lever could be set on “Low Pressure” (which provides a low pressure of hydraulic fluid into the lift cylinder), but if traction deteriorated then the position control lever could be moved to increase the pressure, increase the weight on the drive wheels and hence increase traction.  Pressure control couplers were not well used on farm, which was a shame as the full traction ability of the tractor was often not realised.

Tractors were fitted with similar front axles as the 35 up to 1969, at which point they changed to a straight beam axle.

Many MF135 tractors are still been used on farms today.   Vintage Tractor Engineer visits many farms with large modern tractors and materials handlers, then somewhere around a corner, in an old cart shed, maybe powering a mill or a sawbench, lifting bales into cattle yards…. is a 135 – still in daily work after leaving the factory over 40 years ago.

One place to be sure to find one of these manoevrable little machines is on a dairy farm, scraping up slurry – the brakes may not be that effective and the bodywork and wheel rims rotting, but they are still hard at work, starting up every cold winter’s morning without any complaint.

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10 Responses to “Massey Ferguson 135”

  1. Hi, I have a 1977 mf 135 which was bought new by my late father.About 20 yers ago when i was very youn and careless i tried to engage the differential while travelling forward at speed thus causing it to shudder and has has not worked since .The pedal will move up and down but nothing happens .Is there much that could be wrong .I d like to sort it out as i am restoring it to its former glory .thanks

  2. I’ve just bought a new topper and want to fit it to my Ferguson 135. i don’t want to shorten the PTO shaft on the topper can I fit longer lift arms to my tractor???

    • tommy fitzgibbon
  3. hello, i have bought a rear mounted forklift for my mf 135. however there is no auxilery hydraulics fitted to my tractor.
    the forklift only needs one spool valve to operate, but i am a bit in the dark as too what valves or spool blocks to fit to the tractor. if anybody has a bit of advice on the subject i would be extemely grateful, brendan.

    • brendan quane
  4. hi steave william here i am doing agri mech in pallaskenry limerick , ireland and for my project i am doin a 135 it is yellow do would u be able to give me a reason for this ??

    • william casey
  5. i have recently fitted a spool to my 135 and to make the pressure buil for the log splitter i have to have the draft control and lift arms up why is this?

    • charlie kivell
  6. Yellow 135s are normally industrial spec with sealed brakes, speedo and sometimes an air compressor mounted on the rear from the pto. often spend their lives doing relatively light work e.g towing lorry trailers around factory yards without all the muck and mud found on farms!

    With regard to the hydraulics, the draft and position levers have to be fully back to give pressure for external devices such as FEL or trailer tipping. Use a divertion valve fitted on the top of the gearbox behind the gear sticks. this selects 3 positions. far left is o supply a loader etc with open spools (i.e spool valve returns oil with no pressure to gearbox if valve is in the mid position. However, in this position, an overload such as reaching the end of a rams position will cause oil to lift the rear link arms via non return valve, thus keeping the rear arms raised useful if a block is on there and lift arms keep dropping. The mid position is for the rear ink arms and the far right position is as per the left position, without the over pressure feed to the lift arms. We have ours set like this due to running a boom flail which is always ste at lowest position on the link arms and thus shouldnt be lifted when using the FEL Hope this helps greta little tractor

  7. I have a problem with the injector pump (I think) on my MF135, there is no fuel being pumped out of the 3 ports to the injectors, when I stop trying to start it, there is heavy gurgling and pressure returning back to the fuel tank, I stripped the pump and found no signs of any wear or damage, it turns or on the engine and the pump fills with fuel, but none pumps out? any ideas????

    • forevergreen
  8. I have aquired a McConnel Swingtrim – anyone know how the devil I fit it to my MF135 – there is only one hydraulic valve – do I need to buy an attachment?

    • Jabe
  9. I have purchased a massey 135 but the serial number plate is missing.The engine number is 2386375 The date codes are as follows. 28dpn is just infront of transmisson dipstick c21o is just below steering arm 16/4/66 37171790 oa18061 is on the underside of the sump.Is there any way that I can get the serial number from this information.

    • R.B.Stocks
  10. massey 135 gets hot on manifold next to sediment bowl. don’t know why. gets vapor locked stops running.

    • Dale Fischer
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