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As we come to the end of another year in our vintage tractor world, Vintage Tractor Engineer thought it would be a good idea to take a look back over the website articles and pick out some of the best.

But before we give you our favourites, we’de just like to wish all our customers and visitors a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

The VTE website has now built a worldwide community of tractor owners and we thank you for all your comments, photos, videos  and letters sent in over the year.

Our Favourites…

Massey Ferguson 35

Well I think this had to be the most comprehensive article we’ve published this year.  The subject is of course the Massey Ferguson 35 tractor, model variants, production runs, colour schemes etc.  It brings together lots of information and of course the MF35 is the most written about tractor on this website.

Hedgerow Grey Fergie Tractors

A bit of fun.

Just a few photos of various ‘hedgerow’ tractors.  We’ve all seen them along country lanes, in an old orchard, at the back of a shed, covered in chicken/pigeon droppings, standing outside driving a flat belt to power a grain mill etc.

Dave’s FE35, Nearly Restored

We get a few emails from Dave all the way down there in Australia.  This is a few photos and a video of the nearly completed restoration of his red and grey FE 35 (VTE loves the Ferguson badge on this one!)

It just reminds us that we are all working on our tractors all over the world.  Not only in England (where this website is based), but also in n the Western Isles, Wales, Norway, Denmark, Botswana, US, Ireland, France, Aus and New Zealand, Canada etc. etc. etc. to name but a few.

Enlargine Pre-Combustion Chambers, 23C Engine

If you’ve been wandering about doing this to your engine then read this article.  This was the only modification made to an engine and the owner reported a distinct difference in starting performance.

The technical  reasons why enlarging this port aids starting are explained here.

DVD Not Just For Tractors

Paul used one of our DVD’s to help refurbish the twin 23C engines in his historic boat.  The whole cruiser had been renovated and VTE thinks it looks great.

Stolen FE35

Unfortunately this isn’t a happy story.

We’ve added this one to the list just to refresh everyones minds that tractor theft is on the rise.  Modern tractors are very valuable and organised criminal gangs are targeting farms.

Just be aware that vintage tractors are now also the target of these criminals, who either sell on the tractors as a whole or break them for parts.  If you see anything suspicious let us know at VTE, and we’ll spread the word.

If you see this tractor please inform VTE or the police.

Burnby Vintage Day

Just a video of one of our local vintage working days.  This was held on our cousin’s farm at Burnby near Pocklington, East Yorkshire, England.

Perkins A3.152 Engine

Specifications and a few quick details and adjustments.