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Stuart is having trouble with the hydraulics on his tractor. Here is what he has to say…

I have a MF35 tractor. The hydraulic lift pump seems to be operating slow when using the hydraulics to lift the ram on my tilt trailer. I have been advised to check the strainer. I was given a photo copie of the lift pump with strainer, but when I pulled off the side plates to look for it, the lift pump looks different and there is no strainer to be found.The photo copied info is for a MF 35 like mine.Is there any one that might know what I am doing wrong I would be grateful for any info. thanks.


Hi Stuart,

The early tractors didn’t have a filter on the pump.

The next (easiest and least expensive) thing to check would be the o’rings on the stand pipe. There is a small cap under the seat (under front right hand side of seat). If you remove this cap there is a stand-pipe under there which you can pull out. Check the condition of the o’rings and replace if necessary – this is a common place for oil to leak. The stand pipe takes oil from the pump and up into the lift cylinder.

If that doesn’t help then you will probably have to remove the top hydraulic cover and take a look inside. There could be a whole host of reasons as to what is causing the problem. A faulty pressure relief valve is a possiblity, or otherwise the control valve or wear in the pump itself.

The hydraulic system is quite complex, but it is only a mechanical system, so anyone can refurbish the system.¬† It isn’t really possible to email you the details of what to do, as it is so complex, but if you need it then the Hydraulics DVD¬†shows 2 hours of tutorials of what to do to get the system working as it should.

Steve (VTE).