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One of our readers, Nick, has sent in a query about his tractor.  Nick is having problems sourcing the correct tractometer cable and is also trying to identify which model he has.  Can anyone help?

Here’s what Nick has to say about his tractor…

Happy New Year All, My lovely wife bought me a MF35X with 9 attachments in a job lot and now tinkering with my main “Toy”, I cannot positively ID it as either an MF35 or MF35X. Issue now is, tacho cable is missing and I’m trying to get the right parts. The output end is off the camshaft that is a 1/2″ shaft with a 3/16″ slot as if to take a flat bladed tacho cable end. Yet the ‘new’ supplied part has a 2mm sqr section each end. There is now confusion as to which engine I have. To solve the problem, the experts supplied a tacho drive shaft which is a small fitting comprising a small rod with a 3/16” slot, drilled through with a 2mm sq section hole. The end of this item has milled flutes as if to slot into the end of the camshaft. However, there is no way I can install it into/onto the existing camshaft end.  The Engine S/N is 11229031 (too many numbers?) stamped on the rear end of engine block and also stamped on lower LHS of the block. Beneath the rear end serial number is stamped MDA DE91. Cast into the block on the lower LHS is GKN 1615 (no following letter). I have often assumed that many older engines have a country of origin letter incorporated within the S/N or casting number. After reading your great forum, I can also advise the tractor HAS grease nipples in the front hubs, HAS diff lock, HAS pre-combustion chambers, HAS small rear mud guards, HAS 1700 RPM as the PTO speed (540), HAS head lamps low on either side of bonnet, HAS a changed dynamo bracket, but does not have Multi-Power. Dash has ammeter, tacho and oil pressure gauges.  What engine/tractor do I have?


Pelverata Tasmania. Oz.

Can anyone help Nick? Please leave a comment.