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It’s about two years ago now that a customer bought an Engine Rebuild DVD, but not for his tractor.  Paul has a 1938 motor cruiser and has just completed a full restoration after spending 3 days a week working on the boat for the past 2 and a half years.  And here is Betsie Jane…

Restored motor cruiser

Restored motor cruiser

…and yes Paul, we spotted the Champaigne bottle on the first photo.  Well, why not.  Betsie Jane looks superb, and we can all imagine the purring of the twin Standard 23C engines as she cruises along.

During world war II the boat made two crossings in the Dunkirk evacuations, and the information on the National Ships Register says that Betsie Jane was able to tow two other boats because of her powerful engines.  However, the 23C engines were installed in 1952, so I wander what engines she had before that?

Congratulations Paul on a fine restoration and thanks for sending in the photos.  Not the usual thing for a tractor restoration website, but very interesting all the same.

Thanks, and we hope the engines give many more years of service.

Vintage Tractor Engineer.