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Christian from Sweden has just purchased the 135 Restoration DVD and is just about to start the restoration of his tractor.  Christian’s tractor is a 1966 model and wants to know what the tractors looked like from this early period and in particular the headlamp design.  Did the headlamp design change or was the style the same as the later tractors?

Vintage Tractor Engineer isn’t an expert on the styling of the MF135.  However I do recall reading an article in Classic Massey magazine about a 135 serial number 106 (they started at 101).  The article is on page 68 of the May 2010 issue.  There isn’t a lot of info in this article, but it does say that it is quite original condition other than the rear fenders have been replaced.

The current owner of the tractor is a cider producer and the website is Ralph’s Cider And Perry.  I can’t see any photos of the MF on Ralph’s website, although I did see a David Brown and Ralph has some great photos of vintage cider making equipment.  An old horse driven stone cider mill has been sourced and is now in operation.

Vintage Tractor Engineer can feel a visit to Ralph’s farm coming on next time he is over in Wales.

If you have any information, photos or details of early MF135 tractors please leave a comment below.  I’m sure Christian will appreciate any information he can take back to Sweden for his restoration.