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We are always getting requests for different tractor mainenance DVD’s, tutorials or guides on how to do different jobs.  This one came in recently…

Hello, I have the 23C Engine Rebuild & MF 35 Hydraulics Repair DVDs, they’re great. Any chance you could do one for the 20C engine, the TE20/MF35/MF135 G/boxes including Multi Power? I really enjoy the intelligent pace of the videos… Ian instructs very well and assumes correctly the level / ability of his audience… his style really suits me anyway! Best Regards, John S.

Well John,

Thanks for your kind message about the previous DVD’s you have purchased from us. I am glad you have enjoyed watching them and found them useful.

We have a 20C engine waiting to be done at the moment, but another tractor has just come in from a customer (MF 35 3 cylinder Perkins) so we are going to film that one first. The 20C DVD will come eventually, but I don’t just know how long it will be before we get it done.

As for the gearboxes – Well on the whole they are just so reliable that we didn’t think we’d sell hardly any DVD’s for gearbox refurbishment. Obviously the multi-power is the exception to this rule and so that may be the place to start with gearboxes.

We get lots and lots of requests for different DVD’s or guides on how to refurbish rear axles, steering boxes, brakes, alternator, wiring, etc. etc. As time goes on we hope to make all these tutorials available for MF35, TE20 and then the 100 series tractors and also probably eventually the 500 series (as people are starting to collect and restore the 500’s as well now). So much to do and so little time!

Many thanks for your requests. If you keep an eye on the website then no doubt all these things will become added in the future. There is a subscribe button on the website, if you enter your email address into the box the system will email you whenever a new page is posted up so it is then easy to keep up to date with what is happening.

We’re working as fast as we can!

Anyone who reads Vintage Tractor Engineer regularly will know that we just love tractors here.  Local repairs  is our business and then we make the DVD’s and post up the little tips and tutorials on the website so that tractor enthusiasts all over the world can get help and advice.

We like what we do here at VTE and enjoy the contact with customers.

We hope everyone gets useful information from the site and the videos and we will slowly add more and more tutorials as we go along.

Steve and Ian.