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Making the settings on the lever springs for the Massey Ferguson 35 hydraulic system is quite a fiddly job, and the method is shown in detail on the MF35 Hydraulics DVD.  However, we just thought that a written description of the process may also help.

Setting levers of hydraulics on massey ferguson 35

The spring balance should be attached at the very end of the levers

So here it is…

  • Loosen retainer nut and eccentric cam.
  • Make sure quadrant levers are set at their sector marks. The round lever exactly over where it says ‘FAST’, the square lever next to where it says ‘DRAFT’ between the two dots and exactly where the arrow is.
  • Make sure the lift arms are in the fully lowered position. (that is upwards if the top cover is flipped upside down).
  • Make sure your spring balance is connected right at the top of the lever (if it is connected lower down the lever it will require more force to move the lever).
  • When 3 lb. of pressure is applied it should only just spring it into contact with the front of the slot in the lever support bracket.
  • Obviously adjustment of the spring pressure is made with the self-locking nut on the guide rods.

After this adjustment is made the eccentric cam can be moved around into firm contact with the cam arm and the nut tightened.  The above adjustments can be checked – move the operational lever from its sector marks into the response range, as the lever leaves the ‘FAST’ position the levers that we set with the spring balance should begin to move to the rear of the guides.
The adjustment is very fine and fiddly.  It is often right at the end of the movement of the levers where the 3 lb. can be achieved.
The setting is 3 lb. (1361 grams) of force to move the lever.  The reason for this is that this equals the force applied by the control valve spring when the assembly is fitted and connected in the tractor.  It is a very difficult setting to make and when using a spring balance the 3 lb. setting cannot ever be particularly accurate.
Another method would be to attach a piece of string to the lever and pass this over a roller with a 3lb weight hanging off the bottom of the piece of string.