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We often get emails and photos from customers who have restored their tractors (and it’s great to see how people have got on).

Andrew (who incidently has a quaint little holliday cottage in Whitby) has sent us a video of his grey and red FE35 starting up from cold in winter time…

Andrew thought the video may help people decide if it would be worth spending all the time, effort and expense on reconditioning their engine.  I’ll let you decide the answer to that one (but Vintage Tractor Engineer is certain the answer is yes!).

VTE knows that Andrew had a bit of trouble getting the injection pump timing correct and had to go back and make some adjustments, but perserverence eventually paid off and that starting performance is a credit to Andrew, his hard work and attention to detail.

Gunter’s FE35

Gunter has also been hard at work restoring his grey and gold FE35 and has uploaded some photos. Impressive stuff!