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We get a lot of people asking for the fluid capacities of these tractors, so here they are…

Engine Sump  6.8 litres

Air Cleaner  0.45 litres

Cooling System

TE-A/D20  8.5 litres

TE-H20  9.6 litres

TE-F20  8.5 litres

Transmission Casing  22.8 litres

Belt Pulley  0.28 litres

Fuel Tank

TE-A20  36 litres

TE-D/H20  31.5 litres and 4.5 litres

TE F20  31.85 litres, auxiliary 3.4 litres, Kigass 0.43 litres

Steering Box  2.9 litres

Front Hubs  0.30 litres

Tyre Pressures

Front  26PSI

Rear 12PSI


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