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If there’s one model of tractor that’s written most about on the internet it is probably the Ferguson TE 20.  That’s not really surprising in itself, as there were well over 500,000 tractors manufactured between 1946 and 1956.

Vintage Tractor Engineer has decided to take a minute to put some of these resources on this page for quick and easy navigation (not just to help you the visitor, but also so Vintage Tractor Engineer can find these sites quickly and easily).  One site, however, is a little favourite of Vintage Tractor Engineer – and that’s Tim Ray’s ploughmyfield site.  What we like about Tim’s site is that it’s regularly updated, things are researched in detail and really well inllustrated with photos and videos – just like this post on a 4WD TEA 20.

Ferguson TE 20

So here are some links to TE20 resources.  There are dozens and dozens on the web, so this is just a selection.  If you know of any more that are of interest then please leave the link in the comments.  Thanks.

Blogs and personal Ferguson sites…

Ferguson TEF20



Larger clubs and organisations…

Ferguson Enthusiasts of North America

Ferguson Family Museum

Friends of Ferguson Heritage

Harry Ferguson Tractor Club of Australia

Old Ferguson Tractors

The Ferguson Club

Parts, suppliers and restorers…

Agriline Products


Maine Surface Finnishing

Silver Fox Tractor Spares

Slinden Services (block repairs)

Smallholder Services

Southern Counties Tractor Spares