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The Ferguson TE20 (TE denoting Tractor England) was the first tractor to be produced by Harry Ferguson in the UK. The Banner Lane factory in Coventry was originally an aero-engine factory operated by the Standard Motor Company for the British Government during world war two. After the war an agreement was made between Standard and Harry Ferguson who was looking for factory space to build his latest tractors. Ferguson provided the tractor design, marketing and sales service, whilst Standard provided the factory space and manufactured the tractor.

The first tractor to come off the production line was the TE20 on 6th July 1946. Originally this was fitted with an American engine called the Continental Z-120, but in September 1948 a 2088cc Standard engine became available. Production continued until 1956, after a total of 517,651 grey fergies (serial numbers) had rolled off the line.

Ferguson badged the original model as the TE-20, but went on to produce a range of variants…..

TE-20 Continental Z-120 petrol engine, 1946-1948
TEA-20 Standard Motor Company petrol engine, 1947-1956
TEB-20 Continental Z-120 petrol engine – Narrow, 1946-1948
TEC-20 Standard petrol – Narrow, 1948-1956
TED-20 TVO Standard engine, 1949-1956
TEE-20 TVO Standard engine – Narrow, 1949-1956
TEF-20 Standard diesel, 1951-1956
TEH-20 lamp oil Standard engine, 1950-1956
TEJ-20 lamp oil Standard engine – Narrow, 1950-1956
TEK-20 petrol Standard Engine – Vineyard, 1952-1956
TEL-20 TVO Standard engine – Vineyard, 1952-1956
TEM-20 lamp oil Standard engine – Vineyard, 1952-1956
TEP-20 petrol Standard engine – Industrial, 1952-1956
TER-20 TVO Standard engine – Industrial, 1952-1956
TES-20 lamp oil Standard engine – Industrial, 1952-1956
TET-20 Standard diesel engine – Industrial, 1952-1956
TO-20 Detroit built Continental Z-120 engine, 1948-1951
TO-30 Detroit built Continental Z-129 engine, 1951-1954

Over 25,000 TE20’s were exported to the USA to fill the gap left in the market when the last Ford Ferguson came off the production line in Detroit in June 1947, but before the Detroit assembled TO20 came into production in 1948.


norman archibald says:

September 30th, 2007 at 2:16 am
Vintage tractor engineer,
Sir, would you know where I could get hold of a complete illustration of the breakdown of the motor of a TEA 20 Fergie.
I pulled the motor down 12 months ago and have begun to re-assemble same.
I want a breakdown of the motor just to make sure I re-assemble the motor correctly.

The Vintage Tractor Engineer says:

September 30th, 2007 at 6:14 pm
The only thing I could suggest is a manual. Try Classic Tractors
who do both workshop manuals and parts books for the TE 20’s.