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The 3 cylinder Engine Rebuild DVD is now available, but Vintage Tractor Engineer thought it would be good to upload a few snap-shots from the project.  These ones are from the engine strip-down and assessment on disc 1.  Photos from disc 2 includes work done at the engineers and the rebuild process.

axle stands in place

Bonnet removed, axle stands in place and ready to start the strip-down.

Cylinder Head

With ancilliaries removed, we soon got down to the cylinder head.

Oil control setting

Note position of the oil supply setting. This one is at the factory setting – aligned with the ‘pip’.

Broken head gasket

Broken head gasket. Has this been caused by overheating?

Removing engine block from tractor

Using engine crane to remove block. Centre of gravity isn’t in middle of the engine, so attach straps/chains to account for this.

Removing clutch from engine

Inserting ‘holding-down bolts’ to facilitate safe removal of clutch.

Engine connecting rods

Looking at piston numbers marked on the connecting rods and caps. Note – they should always be on the same side.

3A.152 crankshaft

using feeler gauges to assess end float on the crankshaft.

big ends and main bearings

Using micrometer to measure big ends and main bearings.

Assessing engine bearings from tractor engine

Even though we can measure components very accurately (and they could well be within specification), we must also make a visual assessment. Just looking at and feeling the bearing surfaces can reveal scratches, scoring, problems and damage.

Bearing shells

Assessing the shells. The white metal has gone and even the copper backing has worn through on the shell at the right hand side. This is when terrible damage can occur and this engine must have been on the verge of seizing.

Pistons, Massey Ferguson 35 engine

Looking at the pistons and rings.

Liner standout

Mesuring liners in relation to surface of the block.

Cyllinder Liners

Cylinder liners, worn smooth and scored/scratched.

worn valves

Looking at the valves.

Worn valve seats.

Valve seats in need of re-cutting.

We always knew from the initial assessment that we’d encounter a particularly worn engine with many problems to rectify.  Basically, after the strip-down, it was clear that pretty much all the usual things were in need of refurbishment or replacement.  This isn’t always the case, as there can be specific issues which need attention whilst the rest of the engine is OK – as long as you know what to look for and understand what components are like when they are in good serviceable condition.

The DVD intends to make it easy for even the most novice of mechanics, so we have tried to show each step of the process in precise detail.  It’s a long process, so that’s how we ended up with the DVD as a 2 disc set!