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We have had an email from a gentleman in the US who was asking if we have a printed brochure for our DVD’s and videos.
We haven’t got a printed brochure, as everything is on the website.  However, here is a description of what you will find in the videos…

We currently have 4 DVD’s available…

Ferguson TE20 Hydraulics
Massey Ferguson 35 Hydraulics
Massey Ferguson 35 (4 cylinder 23C diesel) Engine Rebuild
Massey Ferguson 35 (3 cylinder Perkins diesel) Engine Rebuild

The Hydraulics DVD’s show all the steps necessary to remove the pump, dissmantle it (including the valves and control valve), what to look for and then build it up again with a repair kit.  Depending on which DVD it is, there are also sections on the lift cylinder, relief valve, removing and adjusting the draft control spring, explain (although it doesn’t show) how to refurbish the cross shaft.  Then they go through the set-up procedure for any settings – the only tool really required for that is either a spring balance, or alternatively you could use a piece of string with a pulley and the appropriate weight hung off it.

The Engine Rebuilds show the complete strip-down, assessment and rebuild of the engines including all the valve and injection timing.  The 3 cylinder Perkins DVD has a nice section which shows the engine at the engineers getting all the specialist work done (which of course 99 percent of people cannot do without using the services of an engineering works) such as the crank re-grind.

The idea of all the DVD’s is that anyone can follow the process, even a complete novis.  There is a requirement for a few tools that not everyone will have in their tool box, such as a micrometer and a feeler gauge.  You may be able to borrow such tools from a friend if you do not have them yourself.  A dial test indicator is useful for measuring liner standout, but if you haven’t got one of those then that could be measured at your engineering works.  Obviously not all engines require a full rebuild, as there could just be a specific problem which needs repair.

We are also just about to start filming an MF135, looking at the Multi-Power, hydraulics and the engine.  The engine is very similar to the Perkins 3 cylinder in the MF35 so we will just film the differences with the head.

Just one more thing.  The DVD’s are in the European PAL video format, whereas in the USA you use the NTSC video format.  What does this mean?  If you have an older style DVD player then it will probably only play NTSC discs.  Newer DVD players tend to be multi-regional and will play both NTSC and PAL discs. Alternatively, the PAL DVD’s will play in a computer with DVD playing software (available to download free from the internet if the computer doesn’t have the software pre-installed – e.g. VLC Player)

Kind Regards,

Steve and Ian Ridsdale