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Those of us interested in tractors can’t get enough of them, and of course we all have our favourite brand and model.  Tractors have been our ‘secret’ little hobby for years, but now it seems as though even the BBC have started to talk about them.

This BBC article on tractors takes a look at the MF135 and MF165, and tries to determine what makes them so desirable – particulary to developing countries where so many of them have been exported to over the years.

Simple, reliable and a good design are the main attributes.  Most local communites are able to repair them if they break down and the simplicity of them means that visits to the workshop are rare occurances.  Even grey fergusons and MF35’s are desirable and useful work tools in these countries.

With some of these tractors already having served 60 years or so of useful work, they look set to be still performing well when they reach 100 years old.

Good, simple and robust design.

Need we say more!



One thing Vintage Tractor Engineer does recommend is a little routine maintenance to keep them working the way they should.