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Should I Buy A Petrol Or A Diesel Tractor?

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This question came in from Paul.  He is just about to get his first tractor and is going to buy a Ferguson TE20…
Hi is there a difference in a petrol or diesel engine in a te20
Which would be the better tractor?

Well here are some things to think about…

Hi Paul,

It depends what you want it for.  […]

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Gunter’s FE35


Take a moment to enjoy these photographs of a quite outstanding Ferguson FE35 restoration.
Video of a cold start.

Vintage Tractor Engineer loves the colour scheme of the Ferguson FE35 gold and grey tractors.  There is just something about them.  The colours somehow compliment each other and of course the gold really stands them apart […]

MF35 And 135 Perkins Diesel Oil Pump Assessment

Last week we took a quick look at an MF135 that was in for refurbishment.  Today we take a closer look at the lubricating oil pump

This information is for the MF35 and MF135 tractors that have the Perkins A3.152 (or AD3.152) engine fitted.

How Does It Work?
The pump drive gear is pressed and keyed on to […]

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MF135 In For Refurbishment

A friend of Vintage Tractor Engineer had started on the overhaul of a 135.

Unfortunately, ill health meant he couldn’t complete the project, so the tractor came to us.  The engine and clutch were all dismantled and boxed up in the order of removal.  The owner brought it to us looking a bit concerned that his […]

By |November 21st, 2016|Engines, MF135, Uncategorized|2 Comments

The World’s Favourite Tractor

Those of us interested in tractors can’t get enough of them, and of course we all have our favourite brand and model.  Tractors have been our ‘secret’ little hobby for years, but now it seems as though even the BBC have started to talk about them.

This BBC article on tractors takes a look at the […]

By |June 13th, 2016|Articles/News|1 Comment

MF35 and MF135 Cross Shaft Arrangement

The cross shaft on the MF35 and MF135 tractors are held with bushes and sealed with ‘o’ rings.

The MF35 has two smaller bushes with an ‘o’ ring inbetween them.

The 135 has one larger bush.  The ‘o’ ring then fits to the outside of the bush, and this is facilitated by having a top lift arm […]

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Description Of Our Maintenance DVD’s

We have had an email from a gentleman in the US who was asking if we have a printed brochure for our DVD’s and videos.
We haven’t got a printed brochure, as everything is on the website.  However, here is a description of what you will find in the videos…
We currently have 4 DVD’s available…

Ferguson TE20 […]

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How To Make An Exact Replica Of A Gasket

We’ve all been here…
Upon dismantling a component we found the gasket was virtually disintegrated and a replacement was unavailable.  Not an uncommon problem when working with old tractors.
How to make a new one…
Jonathan has written in to describe a method which may be useful.

The problem is getting a good pattern to work from, so he […]

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