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Fordson Dexta ( Ford Dexter ) Data

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Fordson Dexta ( Ford Dexter) tractors were manufactured from 1957 to 1964. Find the data specifications and serial numbers here to date your tractor.

Fordson made the Dexta and the Super Dexta (badged the Ford 2000 diesel in the USA). Forgive our misnomer in the title but so many people get the spelling wrong and look […]

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Ford 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 Serial Numbers

The numbers are relevant to Ford tractors manufactured between 1965 and 1975, located on the right hand side of the tractor on the flywheel housing, just rearwards of the starter motor.

They are given in 3 parts an example of which is given below…




This example above would be…

a model 4000, agricultural all purpose, diesel, […]

Ferguson FE35 Golden Grey

The Ferguson FE35 (Massey Harris Ferguson Company) was manufactured from 1956 until part way through 1957 when production continued under the Massey Ferguson badge and red and grey livery of the MF35. The FE35 was painted in a distinctive contrast of grey tinwork and wheels with golden castings. These distinctive colours gave the tractor a […]

MF35, FE35, MF35X Serial Numbers And Year Of Manufacture

This information cross references the serial numbers and date / year of manufacture for the Ferguson FE35, Massey Ferguson 35 and Massey Ferguson 35x tractors.

1001 – 9225 1956

9226 – 79552 1957

79553 – 125067 1958

125068 – 171470 1959

171471 – 220613 1960

220614 – 267527 1961

267528 – 307230 1962

307231 – 352254 1963

352255 – 388382 1964

FE35 Standard petrol, V.O. […]