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MF35, FE35, MF35X Serial Numbers And Year Of Manufacture


This information cross references the serial numbers and date / year of manufacture for the Ferguson FE35, Massey Ferguson 35 and Massey Ferguson 35x tractors.

1001 – 9225 1956

9226 – 79552 1957

79553 – 125067 1958

125068 – 171470 1959

171471 – 220613 1960

220614 – 267527 1961

267528 – 307230 1962

307231 – 352254 1963

352255 – 388382 1964

FE35 Standard petrol, V.O. or 23C diesel engine. Up to serial No 74655. 1956-1957

MF35 Standard 23C diesel engine. 1957-1959

MF35 Standard petrol or V.O. engine. 1957-1964

MF35 Perkins 3.152 diesel, from serial no. 165596. 1959-1962

MF35X Perkins A3.152 diesel, from serial no. 302413. 1962-1964

Although the 23C engine has a beautifully sweet sound to it, it had a reputation of poor starting performance – particularly at high engine hours.  The change to the Perkins 3 cylinder diesel made these tractors fantastic and many are still in use today.  The 23C engine can have good starting performance if rebuilt correctly (link to 23C Rebuild DVD) and with a small modification to the pre-combustion chamber outlets.

The Perkins engine was very popular and the 35X tractors are always in demand and achieve high prices at auction.  The 3 Cylinder Perkins Engine Rebuild DVD, was filmed on a pre-X tractor, but the engines are so similar (just a change in cubic capacity) that the DVD also relates to the X tractors.

What people have said….
campbell says:

February 9th, 2008 at 10:47 am
Great site, considering that today my FE 35 was delivered. Problem is I don’t know which hole to fill with petrol or VO. Come to think of it, what is VO?{City bloke} I changed the plugs, cleaned the carb and with a bit of splutter it’s great. It has less than 4000 hrs and as far as I can see is origional, but is red and grey. I would also like to know if it has a hydraulic pump and if so, can it be used to drive any other implement?

The Vintage Tractor Engineer says:

February 9th, 2008 at 12:07 pm
Hi Campbell,

The smaller tank was originally used for petrol, just for starting and
warming the engine. Once the operating temperature (as indicated by the
temperature guage) is reached then you can change over to VO. VO was
considerably cheaper than petrol and the tracotr would then be able to run
on VO from the larger tank all day.

You can mix VO (vapourising oil) yourself using this information


Only thing to make sure of is to check that it is a VO engine and not a lamp
oil engine (you’ll see the link from the webpage of how to identify your
type of tractor). If you put lamp oil in a VO engine or vice-versa it will
cause you problems.

Presumably the tractor has 2 levers on the right hand side of the seat and
lift arms on the back of the tractor? If so, then it has a hydraulic pump
and system. This can be used to tip trailers, lift a front loader or
operate other hydraulic rams. The pump is a low capacity pump (litres/min)
compared to a modern tractor and so can only be used to power very small
hydraulic motors – not really a good application for these tractors.

If you need something posering with a large capacity hydraulic motor (e.g.
hedge cutter) then I would suggest
powering an external hydraulic pump/motor system from the pto. (the pto. is
the power take off shaft that protrudes from the back of the tractor!)

Hope that gives you some useful information.

Larry says:

August 8th, 2008 at 6:30 pm
My MF35 3cyl just few more days get running
Found in barn Wales one of my customers
Needed lot new & used parts
Ser No. puts it mid 1961

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21 Responses to “MF35, FE35, MF35X Serial Numbers And Year Of Manufacture”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve already got the two DVD’s from you (for my 11 year-old son last Christmas) for his FE 35 – well worth it for any 35 owner.

    We discovered when we started to clean up his tractor, date plate showing 7 May 1957 and serial number SDF33212,
    that under the Red/Grey was a lot of Gold!

    Can you let us know if this may have been a paint colour change in the factory, making it a very early Red/Grey, of might it be one of the last
    of the Gold Bellys that someone has modernised by giving the new colours?

    • Ken Hughes
  2. Hi Ken,

    The grey-gold FE35 tractors were produced up to serial number 74655, so this would mean that your tractor was one of the gold tractors. This should increase the value of your tractor slightly, as the grey/gold tractors are more sort after than the red ones.

    Take a look at the FE35 page for more info on serial numbers and colour schemes….


    It would seem that quite a few of the grey/gold tractors were repainted red/grey.

    Well done on finding the gold paint, you must be quite excited by the discovery.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  3. My MF702 Digger/Loader has suffered an engine breakdown (23c).

    Could I just replace it with a Perkins 3cyl engine, is it as long as the 23c and does the gearbox fit?

    Regards / RZ

    • Rikard
  4. I have an odd serial number on my MF35 tractor ( UGM 656000794 ) and would like to know the year model an engine specs. Can you help?

    • Gary Carter
  5. hi steve,
    I have an fe35 serial number skm52148.
    I recently changed the footplates
    on this tractor, to discover a gold paint on the
    footpegs, it is currently painted red and grey
    could it be a grey gold model?

    • mick k
  6. Hi Mick,

    Well the grey gold was manufactured up to and including serial number 74655, so given that your dash panel and serial plate are original then that would make yours a grey gold. Exciting.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  7. Hi Steve,
    I was very exited to learn that my tractor is a
    grey gold model. One thing though,I dont have
    any idea as to paint type, would you possibly
    know the paint names and numbers and whereabouts
    in Australia I might obtain them?

    • mick k
  8. I have a Massey Ferguson 35 that was made in Yugoslavia with a SN 24681. It has a Perkins A3-152 Diesel Engine with an Iscra Kranz starter SN 1. The problem is the starter is past being repaired and I was informed there are no more parts available for it. I would like to find a replacement starter for it. The side of the engine has some raised numbers on it. They are 533 03101. If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

    • David M. Austin
  9. Hi David,

    I don’t know these starters. Is this an IMT built tractor? If it is then I guess an IMT dealership will be able to help.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  10. There is no serial number plate on my tractor, how can I get required info in order to get a V5 etc from DVLA?

    On the gearbox the following code 189 459 M1, on the engine are E292, 37111280J, GKN1523 and on the rear end is 183 253M5.

    • blueovalcraig
  11. Hi have just purchase a 1962 massy 4 cylinder
    35 , I don’t think the bonnet on it is the right one,
    It has 2 turn knobs on It , should it not be 2
    Push buttons on it, could anybody help.
    Thank winston

    • Winston
  12. Blue oval Craig and I must own the same make and year of tractor…My tractor has number GKN1523N as well as 189 459 MI
    Anyone out there like to venture on what year these tractors are..
    Plate on dash is illegible…Hal

    • Harold J. Durant
  13. i have a massey 35 deluxe i believe it an 1961 the serial #is SGM 242478 it recently stick in reverse any ideas on what may have happen?

    • Terry Adams
  14. I am trying to figure out exactly which tractor I have. On the tag on the column it has 74263 stamped in it, clear as day. I cannot make anything else out on the tag other than standard motor. it has the left brake and right brake controls in the back, an both linked together in the front right. 4 speed, rev, and start. it has a hinged hood. on the block I see A24R and 7134a500-P. can anyone tell me what this is? on the front of the hood it does have the triple triangle logo. please help. Thanks, Robert

    • Robert
  15. How can I find out the serial number of a Grey Gold as the dash plate is unreadable!

    • Chris
  16. my father restored fe 35 manufactured at 1957
    he asks,how can he be sure whether to put the massy ferguson sticker or the ferguson badge?

    • itay
  17. i have recently got an fe 35 no sdm 86789 1958, it has red bonnet,mudguards,gear box,and back end some parts are grey. it has been on the same farm since new and never been repainted,i also have the original log book for it which has no record of the colours, could you help to find out what colours it should be, it would be intresting to find out why the box and back end are red ??????.
    cheers eck

    • ECK
  18. I have got an 1958 Massey fergurson fe35 I have been told it is a reg/grey but told it was a grey gold I have had a look at the engine and under the grey there is gold paint will engine no tell me which it is ,

    • Grahame
  19. I have just bought an MF35, painted red and grey, from the side of the road in Australia. The serial no. is SKM106301. I wonder what year it is?
    Also I was told it was just petrol engine. However it ran well on first start up but less well fully hot. Does the K mean it was a Kerosine/ petrol engine which is therefore running too hot (thermostat?) and too rich (jet size?).
    Many thanks
    Keith (1st time tractor owner)

    • Keith
  20. Hi Keith,

    That information is on the FE35 page of the website…


    S = standard chassis
    K = vapourising oil engine
    M = dual clutch

    So yes, you have been using the incorrect fuel in your engine – which would have been causing the problems.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  21. I have what looks to be a MF35 with data plate. it has these # on the block below dist. Z134A500P and OWC J186. Also found # on side of gearbox F,5,6 and 182-840-M1. Its a gas, 4 cyl. found dist. cap for it from a 8N ford? any info i can get would be a big help. Thank you

    • Paul
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