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23C Fuel Injection Pump, Aligning The Circlip

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The Question
We’ve had a query about aligning the letter G against the circlip mark when timing the fuel injection pump on the 23C engine.  Bob has followed the 23C Engine Rebuild DVD and notes that on the DVD it shows the circlip mark on the lower side of the clip gap.  However, Bob’s tractor has […]

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Fuel In Oil, Massey Ferguson 575

The oil level on this Massey Ferguson 575 suddenly rose up the dipstick.

The oil hadn’t gone the milky/creamy colour consistent with water getting into the oil, but had become ‘thinner’ and had a slight smell of diesel.  Clearly diesel was entering the oil, but where was it coming from?

In this case the fuel lift pump […]

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Timing Tractor Injection Pump Using Spill Cut Off Point

Sometimes we want to know how to time the injection pump of a tractor engine when we have not got a manual to tell us how to do it. Fortunately there is another method called “spill cut off point timing” which we can use to time the injection pump. The procedure described below is for […]

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Massey Ferguson 35, Smoking Engine

I have a MF35 3 cylinder, when it starts and left to idle it sounds like it misses every few seconds, lots of blue smoke leaving it when idling, it also seems to make a louder sound when it does this. What do you think the problem might be, it starts without heat first time […]

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Bleeding Off Diesel Fuel Systems

Different models of tractor obviously have slightly different fuel systems, but all types need to be free of air in the fuel system for it to work efficiently. Most vintage tractors have the luxury of a fuel tank fitted above the engine (unlike many classic or modern tractors), this gives the aid of gravity during […]

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Diesel Injection Pump For French MF35,

Hello everyone
I am lucky enough to own a 4 cylinder 35 (1959) but unfortunately he only speaks french, getting parts for the 35 couldn’t be easier. But there seems to be big differences with some of the parts, for instance the diesel injector pump is different to the british model. On watching Steves excellent DVD […]

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