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Hello everyone
I am lucky enough to own a 4 cylinder 35 (1959) but unfortunately he only speaks french, getting parts for the 35 couldn’t be easier. But there seems to be big differences with some of the parts, for instance the diesel injector pump is different to the british model. On watching Steves excellent DVD i noticed the british version is smaller. Also the Kigass pot doesn’t fit in the same place. Does anyone else have a french version that i could compare mine with. The injector pump is not working very well and i need a workshop manual for that in English if anyone can help, it is made by Lavalette Brevete. I can be contacted on 07875 287778 in North Devon
Kind Regards
Dave Simmonds

Robert has now sent us a link to the French site where there is information on these pumps.  It’s available from this MF835 page.