Vintage Tractor Engineer On Countryside Connection

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Countryside Connection – An Extended Rural Networking Community and

Vintage Tractor Engineer has recently been added to the Countryside Connection website and has been featured in their latest newsletter.   Readers can view excerpts from the members’ newsletter, including the feature on Vintage Tractor Engineer, as well as contributions from numerous other farming members and those in […]

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Site Usage 2008

As you can see from screenshot from our Google Analytics web-stats, the site has had 6901 visits in the month (Oct, 08), 5,600 of which are absolute unique visitors.

We can also see from the graph below how visitor numbers have increased over the past 18 months from May 2007 to November 2008.  Vintage […]

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Comments From Vintage Tractor Engineer Customers

Andrew has sent us a video of his tractor…

Hello, Ian, just a note.
The next time you and your friends make an instructional video, I think a Merlin robe and hat should considered. For you to take us to all of the dark corners and scary places and, provide enlightenment and confidence is nothing, if not […]

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