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Countryside Connection – An Extended Rural Networking Community

http://www.countrysideconnection.co.uk and  http://www.countrysideconnection.com

Vintage Tractor Engineer has recently been added to the Countryside Connection website and has been featured in their latest newsletter.   Readers can view excerpts from the members’ newsletter, including the feature on Vintage Tractor Engineer, as well as contributions from numerous other farming members and those in other areas of rural businesses by visiting the site and accessing the ‘News and Views’ Category.

Countryside Connection is a North Yorkshire based community of rural businesses who can all promote their businesses and find like minded businesses through the Countryside Connection Website.  There are many B+B’s, pubs, hotels, craft, farms, food producers and other small rural businesses.

It’s a really useful website if you’re looking for a friendly place to stay in the UK or the US!

Here’s a bit about Countryside Connection…..

Based in England with established links to an extended Rural Community in Vermont as well as other American States throughout New England, California, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia. Countryside Connection advises small enterprises in Britain’s Rural/Countryside Communities how to work together to thrive and prosper.  Our valued members form a network consisting of Bed & Breakfasts, Inns, Hotels, Farm & Artisan Producers, Artists & Craftspeople, Restaurants, Pubs, Educators & Small Businesses. Visitors to our site will find details and direct contact links to farms and small business owners in regions throughout England, Wales and America .