Rebuild DVD For Massey Ferguson 35X ?

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My tractor is a 35x – does your rebuild video for the 3 cylinder Perkins MF35 cover this engine? I am not sure what the ‘x’ means. I have oil blowing out the dipstick and some pretty blue smoke……so an engine rebuild is possibly on the cards. It costs Euro 2000 to get it done […]

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White Smoke And Misfire, Perkins Engine

The Problem
We recently had a message from Jock who has been getting white smoke and misfire when the engine is ticking over (Perkins 3A.152).  The engine had recently been rebuilt with a crank re-grind, head skim and piston/liner replacement.

When hot and working hard the engine runs fine, seems to have sufficient power and burns clean […]

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Replacing Crankshaft Rope Seals

Oil leaking from a tractor clutch housing is a common problem.  We often get asked about this and what the repair involves.  The following information is based on a MF35 tractor, but the procedure is similar for many makes of tractor.

Oil entering the clutch/flywheel housing can be coming from one of two places.  It is […]

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Setting Lever Springs For MF35 Hydraulics

Making the settings on the lever springs for the Massey Ferguson 35 hydraulic system is quite a fiddly job, and the method is shown in detail on the MF35 Hydraulics DVD.  However, we just thought that a written description of the process may also help.

So here it is…

Loosen retainer nut and eccentric cam.
Make sure quadrant […]

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Enlarging Pre-Combustion Chamber Aids Starting, Standard 23C Engine

We have written before about the benefits of enlarging the entrance to the pre-combustion chamber on the Standard 23C engine as fitted to the Ferguson FE35 tractor.

One of our fellow FE35 owners (Neil) had completed a full rebuild of his engine but the starting performance was disappointing.  Neil ordered Vintage Tractor Engineers’s DVD so see […]

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Massey Ferguson TO35 With Low Oil Pressure

We’ve had this question from Tyler who has recently fully rebuilt his 23C engine out of a Massey Ferguson TO35. It looks as though Tyler has looked into most of the potential causes, but is there anywhere else he should look?

Dear Vintage Tractor Engineer,

I want to start by saying your 23C rebuild dvd is […]

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