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Bleeding Off 4 Cylinder Diesel Massey Ferguson 35


Free video clip showing how to bleed off the diesel fuel system on a Massey Ferguson 35 with the 4 cylinder 23C engine.


Read the full instructions for bleeding off the fuel system on a tractor engine.

What people have said…..
Guy O’Reilly says:

November 7th, 2008 at 9:20 pm
Thank you very much for your generous display on how to bleed my MF 35. It worked out very well.
I succeeded in closing the lid alone (I could not imagine how you could get two hands in there.) I inserted à loop of nylon (fishing line) in the hole of the small rod to prevent it from shooting out in case it detached from the big spring. When everything was completed, before completely closing the lid I pulled out the nylon line.

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5 Responses to “Bleeding Off 4 Cylinder Diesel Massey Ferguson 35”

  1. Hi!
    I’ve got a FE 35 and I’m really interested in your MF 35 engine rebuild DVD. I’d like to know if it exists in French or at least with English subtitles. Also, is it possible to get it in Belgium?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Jean-Marc
  2. Hi Jean-Marc,

    Unfortunately the DVD is only in English and there are no subtitles. Appologies to all you guys on the continent!

    We mail out to Europe and the postage cost is the same.

    Thanks for your enquiry,


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  3. I have just watched your video and not being a mechanic i have just cured a problem and now my 35 starts everytime, however could you tell me what implement you have on the back of the tractor at the start of the video.

    Many Thanks

    • Len
  4. Hi there,

    Pleased that the video has helped you with your MF35.

    The implement is a ‘spring tine’.

    Traditionally this implement was used in the UK after some ‘winter ploughing’ had been done. This is ploughing in Autumn/early Winter and then the frost, snow, rain and drying cycle breaks down the soil and makes it loose. Then if you go along in the Spring with the ‘spring tine’ it knocks the soil down to create a seedbed.

    Steve ‘The Vintage Tractor Engineer’

    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  5. followed Instructions Tractor now running extremely well now! cheers

    • Rob
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