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County Super 4 Tractor Working On 125 Cow Michigan Dairy Farm
By The Vintage Tractor Engineer

Just stumbled on this web site today. It brings back a lot of memories. We live in southwest Michigan in the United States (fairly close to Lake Michigan) on the crest of a small valley in the hilly part. My father and I bought a 4 wheel drive used from a local Ford Dealer. I thought it was called Super 6, but apparently not. I do know it was the based on the Fordson Supermajor. It did not have a live PTO and we traded it for a Super 4 (754) which I still have today. I also have a Ford 5000 and when something is wrong with one of them, I often switch parts until I find the problem. All of the parts from the Ford 5000 were interchangable as far as I know.
We have split both tractors in half and installed clutches, etc. in both of them. The only difference that I can remember is that I think the Super 4 had a 14 inch clutch and the Ford 5000 had a 13 inch clutch. The balls and sleeves? to the drive units which drive the front of the Super 4 went out and we searched all over for replacement parts, but couldn’t find any. We contacted many machine shops hoping that they could make them (even as far as Detroit, but not one could make them because they said they were metric. We ended up having regular PTO shafts welded to them and still use it some now.

We had a 125 cow dairy farm and the Super 4 plowed with a 5 bottom Ford plow in our hills, disked, and the reason we wanted the live PTO was to chop corn for the silos with which we used silage wagons with brakes (surge type brakes activated with pressure on the tongue). This was after a regular wagon pushed our chopper down the hill and the chopper and wagon went to the side of the Super 4 and rolled over.

That Super 4 did almost everything on our farm.

Ron Swartz
Marcellus, Michigan

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