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County Tractor Spares


We get lots of people asking us where to go for County tractor spares, so we’ve compiled a list.

If you supply County parts and wish to be added to the list then just leave a comment in the box at the bottom of the page.

A T Osborne Ltd, Wytchwood, Shelley Lane, Ower, Romsey, Hants. Tel 02380814340

Rob Morgan, South Shropshire. Tel 01588 672390

Classic Replacement Parts (replacement cab parts)

Stewart Trailers

Jas P Wilson

Industrial Brakes

C R Wilcocks (an original County dealership with lots of knowledge and parts – ask for Mike Ford, Tel – 01626 831852)

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17 Responses to “County Tractor Spares”

  1. looking for a bonnet(hood) for a county 1124 .. thanks

    • vern lambert
  2. A lot of customers come to our website for tractor spares and vintage brakes. Our contact number is 01902 492337.

  3. Hi!

    For Ford County Super Six 954, I am looking for piston kit with rings, injector nozzles, bonnet hood, injector pump, overhaul gasket kit and steering cylinder.

    • Edward Mbonimpa
  4. Radiator for for Ford County Super Six 954??

    • Edward Mbonimpa
  5. Hey Edward i also have a 954 im rebuilding
    search County 954 on youtube to find me it would be great to chat

  6. I have just set up a business, to provide parts for Plant, machinery and Tractors. We are currently building a full inventory of County Hara Cab parts, and can supply almost an required component. We can also supply mudguards and floor plates for County 1124. we have gone to great lenghts to replicate the original components as close as possible, even down to thew materials used. Please see our Web site for further details of what is available.

    Many thanks

    John Rooney

  7. Hi John,

    Thanks for contacting us, we’ve added your company to the links above.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  8. Hi
    Just bought a county super six and trying to find a serial number on it , the only number I can find is on the engine block. Any info would be appreciated

    • Terry hanlon
  9. Hi
    I’m from the Philippines. nobody supplies pinion and ring gear 6:31 ratio for my county super 4 tractor. I hope you can help me find one. I prefer brand new and not rebuilt. here’s my email add: maedundee@yahoo.com Thank you very much and God bless!!!

    • dundee c
  10. Hi
    I have just bought an 1174. I have sorted the engine and the axle is next. The threads in the end of the axle beam where the hubs pivot are shot. Does anyone know the size and thread so I can get a tap. Or does anyone manufacture a new weld on end. If anyone knows I would realy be gratefull.

    • D Robins
  11. We have a limited amount of stock left having been the largest county dealer in the south west.
    Please contact us for further details.

  12. We still carry over £10k of COUNTY tractors spares old parts for FORD tractors theres NOTHING we dont know about a COUNTY we were on of the orginal dealers back in 1964
    try us 01626 831852 ask for MIKE FORD

  13. Keresek ferguson fe 35le traktor motor ba,

    négyhengereshez főtengelyt.Kérem értesítsen az alábbi számon

  14. I am looking for a water pump for a county tractor

  15. Hi there we carry out repair work to injector pumps and Injectors to all makes of vintage tractors.
    We have stocks covering Ford,Fordson,Massey,Nuffield etc,
    If we can help or just need advice drop us an email,visit web page Facebook.
    All export enquiries welcome,
    Best Regards Andrew
    Sheaf Diesel Services
    0114 2612000

  16. I need a radiator for a ford county 1983 ,model 1164-tw, serial #49654, engine935181 (11hp). made by Fleet-Hampshire-England. Distributor County tractor limited.

    • Luis Perez
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