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Deane wrote:

I have a MF35 petrol/VO (kerosine in australia) which is a great tractor; however for many years it has only run on petrol as I understand the petrol tank has a leak and therefore petrol (gasoline)is put into the main tank.

Several questions I seek answers for are:
Which is that tank closest to the driver (large or small) and is it the petrolor kero tank?
I put petrol in the forward tank and the petrol filled the fuel bowl ok after several minutes the engine stopped and on inspection I noticed that no fuel was getting into the bowl any longer; I took the bowl off and still no fuel flowing. This suggests to me that it is a blocked fuel line.

Please recommend the best approach for fixing this problem (eg can I put a small wire up the line? should I unbolt the fuel tap and dismantle, take offthe whole tank? Can I blow the lines clear.

Thank you

Hi Dean,

The petrol/VO engines have a serial number with a K in the number.  The petrol/lamp oil engines have a serial number with a L in the number.  Therefore, the first thing to do is to identify which one it is.

Look at the information on thermostats

Normally VO goes in the front tank (8.25 gal) and the rear tank is for petrol and has a capacity of 1 gal.

The problem with blowing the fuel lines out is that it will just blow the dirt back into the tank (if you do not dissconnect it).  Have you found the mesh screen in the top of the bowl/tap assembly, as that will need checking/cleaning.  If that is clean and still no fuel, then the most likely place for dirt to block is either inside the tap itself or in the banjos
that connects the tap to the tanks.  You would need to empty and remove the tank in order to clean the system.  Using either a wire or blowing the system out are both suitable methods.

If blowing the fuel lines out, only use either compressed air or compressed Nitrogen.  Do not use compressed Oxygen, as it can cause an explosion near any hydrocarbons.