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I have a 1957 MF35 which has developed an oil leak on the pto shaft. Is it a difficult job to replace what I assume is an oil seal?

Your advice would be much appreciated.

Brian Cale

Photo from MF65

It is easy to replace the oil seal on the pto. To save removing the transmission oil I would suggest backing the tractor up some ramps or a slope so the oil runs to the front. There is a plate with bolts in it to remove from the back of the pto. If you then screw on the pto cap (if you have one) and pull it, it should pull out the boss in which the seal sits in, whilst leaving the actual pto shaft in place. Lever out the seal and carefully replace with a new one. Always change the outer o’ring and clean and lubricate all surfaces before carefully refitting, turning the pto shaft whilst refitting.

If you haven’t got a pto cap to use then you can pull the whole pto shaft out sufficiently to then be able to recover the boss.