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Massey Ferguson 35 Replacing PTO Seal


I have a 1957 MF35 which has developed an oil leak on the pto shaft. Is it a difficult job to replace what I assume is an oil seal?

Your advice would be much appreciated.

Brian Cale

Photo from MF65

It is easy to replace the oil seal on the pto. To save removing the transmission oil I would suggest backing the tractor up some ramps or a slope so the oil runs to the front. There is a plate with bolts in it to remove from the back of the pto. If you then screw on the pto cap (if you have one) and pull it, it should pull out the boss in which the seal sits in, whilst leaving the actual pto shaft in place. Lever out the seal and carefully replace with a new one. Always change the outer o’ring and clean and lubricate all surfaces before carefully refitting, turning the pto shaft whilst refitting.

If you haven’t got a pto cap to use then you can pull the whole pto shaft out sufficiently to then be able to recover the boss.


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12 Responses to “Massey Ferguson 35 Replacing PTO Seal”

  1. I have a T0-35 with the same issue, the Pto seal is leaking steadily. I am assuming the removal process and reinstallation process is the same but i have a dumb question. HJow do you refill it with fluid and what kind of fluid is proper? I noticed a dipstick on the side but i am assuming there is a faster way to refill it. any help would be appreciated!

    • Kurtis
  2. Hi Kurtis,

    There is a cap next to the gear levers. Pour the transmission oil through there.

    Oil grade should be SAE-50 for temperate climates.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  3. Hi,
    I’m struggling to pull out the PTO boss on my MF65 by tugging on the cap. Having undone the 4 bolts in the picture above i’ve revealed 2 hex sockets – do i need to undo these too? Should the PTO be in neutral or engaged? any suggestions as to what to try next?

    • David Edwell
  4. I have a 1968 Massey Ferguson 175 that has a leaking PTO seal. Is it difficult to change?


    • Mike
  5. hello
    i have a mf135 which is leaking oil from the shaft which goes in to the clutch.
    does anybody know how i get the shaft out so i can change the seals

    • wyn
  6. I also have a TO-35 and can’t get the shaft nor boss removed. I have removed all of the nuts / retainers. I can rotate the boss (which is held in place by one of the retainers that I removed). No cap, and pulling on the shaft yields a definitive “clunk” (after about 1/8″ of movement). This gives me the impression that the shaft is retained somehow. Do I simply need to apply more pressure? Sure wish I had a cap to tug on.

    • Jim
  7. I need to amend my former post. The part that I can rotate appears to be a “PTO Seal Retainer”. There does appear to be a small retainer clip around the PTO and against the PTO seal retainer. I didn’t see a split in the clip, but come daylight, I will give it a closer look.

    • Jim
  8. I have an MF 65 and i shattered the PTO spline. I was told it would be relatively easy to replace and I got the outermost plate off, like the one in the pic above, and also got the plate off that was held by the Hex Sockets. I am looking at a collar now that I cant figure out how to get off.

    • kyle
  9. Hi, today I attempted to replace the PTO Oil Seal on my 1957 35, I removed the bolts and screwed the pto cap on, I was unable to pull it free, any suggestions on what I am doing wrong, have ordered the Hydraulics DVD, will this DVD cover this?

    • Leon
  10. i just replaced the pto seal on my 1960 mf35..i pulled out the three bolts holding the plate.then took a big pair of channel locks and rocked the boss from side to side and it came right out..lucky me .. hope it works for you..

    • robert
  11. In case you cannot pull the PTO-shaft out after removing all bolts, please check the PTO-handle, it has to be in the most former position(down to earth), otherwise I may held the PTO-shaft from pulling out.
    Furtheron: A MF 165 is having 2 plates at the backside. make sure both are being removed.

    • Arturo
  12. How can I remove the front shaft transmission on a 175 massey ferguson? I’ve got the cap, two snap rings,bearing and bearing housing off the bottom. Now I need to be the gear just inside the housing out of the way to get the top one lose.

    • Mel
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