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MF35 Perkins 3A-152 Fuel System


Diagram of the fuel system and components for Perkins 3A-152 engine as fitted to the Massey Ferguson 35 tractor.  This is all covered in detail in the 3A.152 DVD.

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10 Responses to “MF35 Perkins 3A-152 Fuel System”

  1. Hi I just got a Mf 35 fitted with the Perkins 3 cyl engine which I have just got rebuilt & I also got the injectors and Dpa pump checked out .I have put the whole thing back together and it very hard to start and is giving out a lot of white smoke,when it eventually does start it runs rough,until it warms up.I have replaced the fuel lift pump and the copper washers on the banjo bolts,any sujjestions please


    Co Cork


    • Gerry Mc Carthy
  2. Hi Gerry,

    I would say that it is most likely to be either…..

    Mis-timed valves.

    Mis-timed fuel injection.

    Incorrectly adjusted tappets.

    Or compression problems. eg poorly fitted valves and grinding to their seats, broken rings during fitting.

    Were the liners replaced?

    I would say that the most likely (and easiest to rectify) are the two timing problems, so I’d check them out first.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  3. Thank you for your reply The timing marks were all correct I fitted the gears myself,yes it got new liners&pistons the Dpa pump is at its mark on the engine plate the only problem mabey the gear on the camshaft was fitted incorrecly in the past I never thought to check it.The cylinder head is brand new and all tappets are set to 12 thou

    • Gerry Mc Carthy
  4. Greetings from Finland

    My problems seems to be same. I thing engine is mis-timed. Can I set timing by the fuelpump? How?

    • Finland
  5. I was wondering if you could help me,
    I have a mf1 with a loader attach I replaced a shift fork but when I took it apart I didn’t see how the pressure relif valve was in place.
    do you have a picture of the fully assembled prssure relief valve the way it should be attached and in conjunction with?
    Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated.
    James Cheverie

    • James Cheverie
  6. Hi, Can anyone help me I am trying to find the timing marks on my mf 35 with a 23c engine fitted. Any help would be much appreciated.


    • Steve
  7. Hi Steve,

    Most of these engines don’t have any timing marks. The only references provided are the timing pin hole in the flywheel (also TDC and BDC marked on the flywheel – visible only if you split the tractor) and timing leters inside the injector pump. Timing this engine is achieved using a sequence of measurements and adjustments, which must be followed exactly. It is quite an involved process, but anyone can do it if the procedure is followed correctly. The process is explained on the 23C Engine DVD.

    Steve (VTE).

    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  8. Hi
    just fitted new injectors and head gasket on my mf35 with 23c engine am unsure in what order to set tappets in as after running it for a short wile it develops an intermitant miss fire and smokes alot, thanks Mark

    • Mark sharp
  9. Hi
    I have MF35 Perkins 3 cylinder, my problem is a fuel leak at the injection pump shut off.
    What is the fix.

    • Walter Walker
  10. I now have 2 Massey tractors, a 1952 pacer and now a 1959 TO35. both use the Marvel carburetor. Neither tractor will run at anything above idle without holding the choke fully closed. They idle very smooth. The TO35 has a main jet adjustment screw that the Pacer does not but enriching it does not help. Both have had the carbs rebuilt and the fuel is clean and fresh. Any help would be appreciated. Also do you know if the Marval is the proper carb for the TO35? The tractor came with spares and there is a Zenith carb in the box of spares also.

    • Ande'
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