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I wonder if you can help? I have just refurbished a Ferguson TEA 20. It ran well before and after but alas on the christmas road run no 3 cylinder went dead.I have replaced plugs,points condesor,coil, there is no water in oil no oil in water, but have noticed that after cleaning plug, will often fire for a short time if plug cap is left loose,Have now run out of ideas, have you any?

Many thanks, Mick

Hi Mick,

The points and the coil work all of the cylinders, so if it is just a problem with number 3 cylinder then it must be something specific to that cylinder. Either the plug, plug lead, the lead cap or possibly a fault with the distributor cap.

Another thing to check is the compression pressure in the number 3 cylinder, to make sure that there is nothing mechanically at fault such as a stuck valve or partially blown cylinder head gasket.

You mention that attention to the plug and cap sometimes remedies the problem for a short while. Maybe you should try a new high tension lead (plug lead), that would be the first thing to look at.

Hope that helps,



I have done a compression test and all cylinders are giving similar readings, so I have concluded that it is an electrical (rather than a mechanical) problem. I will try new leads and see if that fixes it.