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Here are the data, specifications, dimensions, tolerances and the main tightening torque settings for the 3 cylinder Perkins A3.152 engine as fitted to the Massey Ferguson 35 tractor.

These specifications accompany our MF35 (3 cylinder Perkins) Engine Rebuild DVD, which you may find useful if you’re working on one of these engines.

Data Specifications

Cylinders 3
Bore 3.6” (91.44mm)
Stroke 5”
Displacement 152.7 cu ins.
Compression Ratio 17.4:1
Firing Order 1,2,3
Power 37 bhp
Location of No. 1 Cylinder, Front of engine
Cylinder Liners, Chrome plated
Fuel Pump Static Timing, 18 degrees B.T.D.C.
Letter On Fuel Pump Rotor, E
Letter on Hydraulic Head No. 1 Delivery Port, W.
Inlet Valve Opens, 13 degrees B.T.D.C.
Exhaust Valve Closes, 10 degrees A.T.D.C.
Valve Overlap, 23 degrees
Valve Lift, 0.36″
Tappet Setting (Hot), 0.010″
Tappet Setting (Cold), 0.012″

Tightening Torques lbs./ft

Cylinder Head Nuts, 55-60
Con. Rod Nuts, 70-80
Main Bearing Setscrews, 110-120
Flywheel Setscrews, 75
Balance Weight Setscrews, 50-55

Pressure Setting (injector bleeding pressure), 120 Atmospheres
Operating Oil Pressure, 25-30 p.s.i. or more at normal speed
Relief Valve Setting, 50-65 p.s.i.

Assembling Cylinder Head

When replacing the rocker assembly ensure the slot at rear end of rocker shaft is in line with the punch mark on the rear pedestal bracket. The relationship of this slot to the punch mark determines the quantity of oil delivered to the rockers and bearings.

Adjust inlet and exhaust clearances to 0.012″.

Adjusting Valve Clearances

Remove the rubber plug in the inspection hole in the left front side of the transmission housing adapter plate.

Rotate crankshaft until the T.D.C. line on the flywheel is in the centre of the inspection hole and No. 1 piston is on the compression stroke (both vavles fully closed).

Check and adjust clearances on Nos. 1,2, 3 and 5 vavles.

Turn crankshaft one revolution and repeat for Nos. 4 and 6 vavles
(T.D.C. mark visible through inspection hole).

Replace rubber plug in adapter plate.

Vavle clearances for both inlet and exhaust should be set to 0.010″ hot, and 0.012″ cold.

Oil Pump

Check clearance using a feeler gauge between maximum diamater of inner rotor and minimum diameter of outer rotor, clearance should not exceed 0.006″ (or replace/refurbish pump).

Clearance between driven rotor and pump body not to exceed 0.010″.

Placing a straight edge over top of rotor faces, measure clearance between top of rotors and surface of pump body – not to exceed 0.003″.

Piston Rings

Compression and oil control ring gaps should be within 0.009″ – 0.013″ (measured in a ring gauge of 3.6″).

Cylinder Liners

When the liners are fully in position, the top face of the liner flange shoule be 0.001″ – 0.009″ below the top face of the block.


Standard Crankshaft Main Journal Diameter, 2.7485″-2.7490″.
Big End Crankpin Diameter, 2.2485″-2.2490″
Small End Bush (internal diameter), 1.2505″-1.2515″

These figures are taken from the Massey Ferguson 35 Service Manual. Whilst every effort has been taken to reproduce these figures accurately, no responsibility can be taken for errors.