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There are just a few data specifications which are useful for the 3 cylinder Perkins engine.  These accompany our Rebuild DVD for this engine.



Tappet Setting (cold) 0.012″ (.305mm)

Operating Oil Pressure 25-30 p.s.i. or more at normal speeds

Relif Valve Setting 50-65 p.s.i.

Backlash in Timing Gears 0.003″ / 0.006″ (0.0762 – 0.1524 mm)

Injector Pressure Setting 120 Atmospheres

Fuel Pump Static Timing 18 degrees B.T.D.C. (or 20 degrees, depending on your engine)

Letter on Fuel Pump Rotor E

Inlet Valve Opens 13 degrees B.T.D.C.

Exhaust Valve Closes 10 degrees A. T.D.C.

Cubic Capacity 152.7 cu. ins. (2.5 litres)

Thermostat Opening Temperature 176 degrees F



Cylinder Head Nuts 55-60 lbs./ft

Con. Rod Nuts 70-80 lbs./ft

Main Bearing Setscrews 110-120 lbs./ft

Flywheel Setscrews 75 lbs./ft

Balance Weight Setscrews 50-55 lbs./ft



Crankshaft main journal diameters

2.7490 to 2.7485 inches (69.824 to 69.811 mm)

Big End crankpin diameter

2.249 to 2.2485 inches (57.125 to 57.112 mm)

Piston liner bore

3.6015 to 3.6025 inches (91.478 to 91.503 mm)