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TEF 20 Engine Not Repaired


Well it’s nearly 18 months since we bought a TEF 20 with a seized engine.  As soon as we got the tractor home we were eager to get started with stripping the engine and finding out where the problem was.  But the TEF is still sat in the corner of the shed, so why is this if we were so keen to get started?  Well I guess the problem is that the tractor belongs to us.  You see, well what I mean is, we always have a long list of repairs to do to customers’ tractors – and they have to take priority.  As a result the engine is still very much in one piece and still seized.

A few weeks ago one of our customers rang to say he had a TEF and the hydraulics weren’t working.  Could we go along and take a look.  So we did and after a quick initial assessment decided it was going to need a full strip-down of the hydraulics.  The next day we went back armed with a tool box and the video camera.  And that was it, the TE 20 Hydraulics DVD was now been filmed.

What about our TEF with the seized engine?  Well it’s still there and we intend to get to it as soon as we can, although we’ve got Joe’s TVO35 to work on first – it has a frosted block so Joe has found a second hand block to swap over.

In the mean time, the Hydraulics DVD is to finnish off which will take me a few weeks to edit all the footage and author the DVD onto disc.

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20 Responses to “TEF 20 Engine Not Repaired”

  1. So nice to see your talking about a proper tractor for a change! Something in grey and not red. Looking forward immensely to getting my hands on the TE20 Hydraulics DVD. No doubt up to your usual high standards.Please let me know when it becomes available as I’m sure it will be something http://www.ploughmyfield.com readers will be highly interested in purchasing.


  2. Hi Tim,

    Will let you know when it is completed. Making a DVD is no small task. Filming takes much longer than doing a straight repair, then there’s the video editing, authoring the DVD and getting it replicated. Artwork for the disc and the DVD sleeve, sales page on the website etc. etc.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  3. Hi Steve,
    Would be greatful if you could drop me an email when the DVD is released. Looking forward to getting a copy :)
    Your site is very well laid out, and has been very helpful and interesting to read. Keep it up!
    Many Thanks,

    • Mike
  4. Glad to hear that the TEF engine rebuild dvd is still in the pipeline. I’m sure there are many people who enjoyed the 35 dvd who will be looking forward to the TEF version.

    • Richard
  5. Hi

    Any further news on the Hydraulics DVD I wish to purchace a copy as soon as it finished.

    Keep up the good work


    • Glyn
  6. Hi Everyone,

    I’m getting closer to completing the DVD. We are still busy drilling wheat and barley on the farm, but I get up at 6am each morning and do another hours work on the DVD. So it is getting closer – honest!

    Weather forcast is for rain this weekend, so that may give me a chance to devote some more time to it.

    Sorry to keep you all waiting.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  7. Can some one tell me about the plug that is screwed into the head midway along under the Rocker Cover of my TEA 20 28hp tractor which has corroded and and exposed the water passage in the head and has let water in under the rocker cover and down into the sump to mix up with the oil Why is this plug in such a stupid palce, what is its function and where on earth do I get another one. Also what size and thread is it as I fear I am going to have to find an alternative if the original is notavailable in New Zealand.

    • Philip
  8. Hi

    Just wondering if this DVD is advailable to buy? very egar to get this for a christmas present.



    • Lorna Hynes
  9. Hi Lorna,

    It is away at the reproduction house, so should be up for sale on this website by mid – December 2010.

    If you subscribe to the website (enter email addresss into box in right hand side bar) then you will receive an email when it is put up for sale.

    Thanks for the enquiry.

    Steve VTE.

    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  10. Hi,
    Just viewed my copy of the hydraulics DVD and I’m really impressed with it. I’m no expert when it comes to mechanical things but the DVD is clear and simple enough to even keep me right – can’t wait to get started on my TEF!
    Thanks and hopefully the engine DVD is not too far away!

    • Andy
  11. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the comments on the TE20 Hydraulics DVD. Afraid the engine DVD is some way off at the moment.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  12. Hi there, noted your comments on your seized TEF20… well, wonder if you may be so kind as to assist. We have a TED20, appears to be heat seized, doesn’t seem to want to move. Have any suggestions or advice as to how we may be able to overcome? Will be a restoration, but want to get the engine turning before major undertaking starts. Thanks a million! I look forward to your input! Kind regards. Lyn

    • Lyn Jones
  13. Hi im about to start a engine block swap on a 4 cyl te 20 diesel.Was wondering if you do a dvd on a rebuild? It would be great if you did if not theres going to be alot of head scratching!! Thanks Fred.

    • Fred Coope
  14. Hello – have just finished restoring my TE20 diesel tractor and now are unable to start it as it seems to be stuck in gear.
    Do you have any advice please. It is frustrating having it looking great but not able to get her going
    thanks so much

    • Richard Jones
  15. I forgot to mention I had to split the tractor to replace the clutch plate.
    thanks again

    • Richard Jones
  16. do you have a vedio and/or manual on rebuilding the TO 20 tractor to go with the hydrauics DVD


    • Dale Lafferre
  17. Hi Dale,

    The only manuals we stock are for the Ferguson TE20, which has many similarities to the TO20 but I suspect it won’t cover your engine.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  18. my tef20 shit a starter. iwant to replace with 12v solinoid type. got 1 to suit tea20 but didnt fit by a micky hair! heard a ford new holland dexta or superdexta would do the job?? any experience out there ideas or suggestions before i blow another $300

    • bill brown
  19. recherche schema pour electricite Ferguson TE-d
    Merci Elektrische Anlage

    • charnaut
  20. Hi Steve interested to know how the seized te20 is going. I am looking for one or a te35 for our small block. The DVDs sound great, look forward to getting one when we have our tractor. Cheers John

    • john hillier
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