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Well it’s nearly 18 months since we bought a TEF 20 with a seized engine.  As soon as we got the tractor home we were eager to get started with stripping the engine and finding out where the problem was.  But the TEF is still sat in the corner of the shed, so why is this if we were so keen to get started?  Well I guess the problem is that the tractor belongs to us.  You see, well what I mean is, we always have a long list of repairs to do to customers’ tractors – and they have to take priority.  As a result the engine is still very much in one piece and still seized.

A few weeks ago one of our customers rang to say he had a TEF and the hydraulics weren’t working.  Could we go along and take a look.  So we did and after a quick initial assessment decided it was going to need a full strip-down of the hydraulics.  The next day we went back armed with a tool box and the video camera.  And that was it, the TE 20 Hydraulics DVD was now been filmed.

What about our TEF with the seized engine?  Well it’s still there and we intend to get to it as soon as we can, although we’ve got Joe’s TVO35 to work on first – it has a frosted block so Joe has found a second hand block to swap over.

In the mean time, the Hydraulics DVD is to finnish off which will take me a few weeks to edit all the footage and author the DVD onto disc.