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Here at Vintage Tractor Engineer we are used to working with the UK built Ferguson tractors.  However, when it comes to some of the US built machines we start to get a bit lost as to which model is the UK equivalent and are they exactly the same or just very similar with small differences.

Then we get emails about the French built tractors and we get lost altogether!


We had a gentleman who needed information about the injection pump on his MF835.  Apparently the pump is a Lavalette Brevete.

We’ve now been given the link to a French site that has information on these pumps…


Unfortunately Vintage Tractor Engineer’s French is about as much use as engine that’s done 15,000 hours and never had its oil changed!  Anyway, apparently the information is on that website somewhere.

If you need to translate anything then Google Translate seems to work quite well.

There are also a couple of links to some more information for the injection pumps…