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This photo of a tow hitch on a TE20 has been sent in by Jay.  Jay asks if  this is a ferguson part or has someone fabricated it? There is a large spring inside to absorb any jolts.  It looks home/workshop fabricated, but somebody may know differently.  There’s also an issue with a seized pin.

TE20 tractor drawbar

As far as Vintage Tractor Engineer knows this continental type of drawbar is illegal in the UK (hitch point above centre of rear axle), as there is an increased chance of the tractor rearing up or flipping.


seized clevis pin

The transmission casing is a casting and therefore very brittle and likely to snap the lug off if it receives any heavy impacts.  I would have thought that the best way would be to destroy the pin from the centre.  The pin will be very hard and nearly impossible to drill, so VTE would suggest a gas torch would be needed.