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Last week Vintage Tractgor Engineer went along to a local farm retirement sale.  Everything was to go, inclucding a rather nice Massey Ferguson 35X.

It was in quite good original condition, straight panel work, original cab, good paint work (must have been well housed all its life).  A genuine little tractor.

The one different thing about this 35 was that it had Multi-Power.  A few of the 35X tractors had Multi-Power fitted, but they’re not very common.  Unfortunately the Multi-Power wasn’t working, but that was something that could be repaired.


What price did it make?


The buyer hadn’t intended to pay over £3,000 for the ‘X’, but had travelled some distance to the auction and said he wasn’t going home without it!

It may have been more than the gentleman was expecting to pay, but Vintage Tractor Engineer thinks it will look ‘like a steal’ in a decade or so.

Do you have a 35X with Multi-Power?

They are quite uncommon tractors, and so highly sought after.

Do you have one?

Do you like it?

Does the Multi-Power work OK?

Leave a comment to let us know, VTE’s always interested to hear.