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Here at VTE we already have a simple bracket design for helping to remove the hydraulic top cover for the MF35 (the same principle would apply for many other models as well).

The top cover is a heavy component and the bracket is designed so that the cover can be removed and inverted for servicing by one person.  However, because this design of bracket uses a simple hinge action it isn’t particularly easy to remove the top cover without slightly catching the delicate levers against the transmission housing.

More Sophisticated Design

Dave has sent us some photos from his place in New South Wales, Australia, of his more complex bracket that he has designed.  Dave’s bracket differs in that it facliitates an initial straight and gentle lift of the top cover, before the bracket is then flipped over for servicing.

Here are the photographs of the design (many thanks Dave!) …


Hydraulic cover removing bracket


MF35 hydraulic servicing


Tractor hydraulic servicing tool


Massey Ferguson service tool


tractor hydraulic repair tool