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Philip has kindly sent in some photos and video of his Ferguson FE35 Goldbelly restoration.

The tractor was originally purchased new by his father in 1957 and like many dissused tractors was abandoned under a hedgerow for about 20 years.  Philip rescued it and has recently been undertaking a full strip-down and restoration.

The first photo shows the tractor in a pretty awful state.  But then we see a transformation and some video (at end of article) of the completed tractor working in the polyhouse.  Philip says the engine sounds just as he remembered it, really sweet and smooth.

The tractor was in dreadful condition before the work began, having spent so much time abandoned outside.


Ferguson FE35 tractor, unrestored


But then came a lot of hard work, dedication and many hours in the workshop…


Ferguson FE35 Gearbox


FE35 engine being rebuilt


Rebuild FE35 tractor engine


MF35 or FE35 hydraulic pump, Ferguson tractor


Grey gold Ferguson during restoration


Fuel tank for FE35 tractor


FE35 chassis castings with undercoat paint


Gold paint applied to tractor


Paitwork of tractor nearing completion


FE35 gold and grey tractor


High quality tractor restoration

The smile says it all


The completed tractor

My turn to have a go!


Restored Ferguson back home to do some work

Delivered back home


Completing a quality and full restoration like this is huge task, but is one of the most satisfying feelings to see such a quality rebuild.  Well done to Philip and we hope the tractor gives him many more years of faithful service.

Many thanks to Philip for sending in these photos and videos for us all to enjoy.

The first video shows the frist starting of the engine.  Initially there was a faulty injector, but this was repaired and then the engine started up and ran really well.

The second video shows the tractor back at work in Philip’s polyhouse.  Good for another 50 years!