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The torque requirements are only published for some of the tractor fixings.  Where there is no published figures, then Massey Ferguson issue standard torque data.

  1.  The first figure listed in the rows below (bold type) is the nominal size in inches.
  2. The second figure is the torque in lb-ft  of non-rigid joints, limited strength nuts and standard nuts with lock washers (definitions given at end of this page).
  3. The third figure is the torque in lb-ft of bolts, nuts and cap screws used for rigid joints.


1/4 in, 5-6 lb-ft, or 8-10 lb-ft

5/16 in, 10-12 lb-ft, or 15-18 lb-ft

3/8 in, 19-22 lb-ft, or 30-35 lb-ft

7/16 in, 33-38 lb-ft, or 50-55 lb-ft

1/2 in, 47-53 lb-ft, or 76-85 lb-ft

9/16 in, 65-73 lb-ft, or 115-125 lb-ft

5/8 in, 100-125 lb-ft, or 155-170 lb-ft

3/4 in, 175-200 lb-ft, or 270-300 lb-ft


Non-Rigid Joints

Where deformity or damage would occur if higher forces were used.

Limited Strength Nuts

Maximum recommended torques for slotted nuts, weld nuts, etc.

Standard Nuts With Lock Washers

Where lock washers are used under the nut.