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VTE got an email recently from a gentleman who had some irreparable damage to the top cover on his 1955 TEF-20 diesel.

The only sollution was to find a second hand replacement.  Of course there are probably lots of donor grey fergusons about the country, but it’s just knowing where they are and who has what.  Keith thought he’d found what he was looking for and went to remove the top cover from the donor tractor (in a rush on a very cold and wet day).  Unfortunately when he got home he noticed that it was different to his original component.

Lets take a look at the two different top covers…


Hydraulic top cover, Ferguson TE-20 tractor

Original top cover with integrated relief valve.


Ferguson TE20 hydraulic top cover

Donor top cover, no relief valve in this one

Keith’s tractor is clearly a model that doesn’t have a relief valve fitted to the pump, but instead has the relief valve integrated into the top cover.  If the top cover had been fitted that does not have the integrated relief valve then the system would therefore not have a relief valve which would have caused damage.

It is important to note that there were five different top covers fitted to these tractors and three different versions of the hydraulic pump.  Thankfully Keith took some time to inspect the donor top cover before fitting it, and is now trying to find a cover with the integrated releif valve.

Update to this story

Keith found that his pump had a blanking plate fitted where the relief valve could go.  So it was just a case of fitting a new relief valve and then using the top cover that he’d taken off the donor tractor.  So all ended well.