Assessing Cylinder Liners

The information in this article applies equally to plain bored blocks (eg. Ford) as it does to tractor engines with replaceable liners.

The continual friction between the piston rings and the piston liners (bores) eventually causes wear to the liners. Wear also occurs because of the slight lateral force exerted on the piston from the motion […]

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White Field Boss 2-45 PTO Problem

I have a White 2-45 Field Boss tractor that is 1980’s era.

The main drive clutch and the PTO clutch were replaced last year however the PTO still dosen’t work properly. It seems like the PTO hydraulic clutch pack is not engaging fulley. The PTO spins my tiller however when you put it under load […]

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UK 12 Volt 7 Pin Trailer Lighting Plugs And Sockets

Faulty trailer lights are not only a nuisance to following traffic but are also downright dangerous. Often the fault lies in the plug/socket connection or the cable fittings to the plug/socket . Any plug/socket which is suspected to be faulty should be renewed. This job is not too difficult even for a beginner but identifing […]

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Owners of vintage tractors have been unable to purchase tractor vapourising oil (TVO) since 1974, when commercial production ceased. The only option has been for owners to mix their own (kerosene, petrol and diesel in differing quantities depending on your recipe). As kerosene is a rebated fuel, it has made it illegal to use the […]

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Tractor Workshop Manuals On DVD For Vintage Tractors

When Vintage Tractor Engineer is asked to go and repair a tractor, we were finding that the customer had a perfectly good workshop manual for their tractor (usually a Ferguson or Massey Ferguson). What our customers were telling us, is that the workshop manual didn’t always fully explain how to carry out the repair and […]

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Tractor Insurance

Vintage tractor ownership has been a pretty rewarding pastime over recent years. Not only have we gained enjoyment from out tractors, but they have also risen in value. This is true for both vintage and classic tractors, so we must check that insurance taken out some years ago is updated to current prices.

That said, the […]

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Timing Tractor Injection Pump Using Spill Cut Off Point

Sometimes we want to know how to time the injection pump of a tractor engine when we have not got a manual to tell us how to do it. Fortunately there is another method called “spill cut off point timing” which we can use to time the injection pump. The procedure described below is for […]

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Threshing Day, Holderness Vintage Machinery Club

Holderness Vintage Machinery Club held a threshing day at Welwick, East Yorkshire on 30th December 2007. They had a tractor run around local villages to start the day, then members of the Holderness Vintage Machinery Club helped thresh the wheat that had been cut from a field in Keyingham with a binder.

The baler tied 5 […]

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