Ploughing Memories – Grey And Gold Ferguson 35

Everytime we drive along the M62, past Normanton, we remember the first farm my husband worked on. All the family look at the small fields which he used to plough with a Ferguson 35. It was a four cylinder with a gold painted engine.

The little tractor was bad to start on a cold morning, even […]

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Piston Ring Compressor

When refitting a piston into a cylinder it is necessary to compress the piston rings before the piston is slid into the cylinder. To perform this operation without a piston ring compressor is very difficult and can often result in damaging the piston rings. Using a piston ring compressor is quick and easy, whilst it […]

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Oil In Starter Motor Of TE20

I was very impressed by your web site, I hope you may be able to help.  

I have just bought a little grey who’s owner told that it had always been kept inside – he owned it, his father before him ect ect, he told me that he had a minor problem with the starter motor.I […]

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Oil Bath Air Cleaners For Tractors

Here we are going to look at tractor oil bath air filters. How they work, what oil to use and the maintenance of the oil bath filter in your tracor.

How They Work

The general principal of an oil bath air cleaner is that incoming air is sucked downwards through the system towards a bowl containing a reservoir […]

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New Tractors, MF8220 and MF65

This summer we had 2 new arrivals into the tractor collection, and as you can see they are some what different. The MkI Massey Ferguson 65 is rated at 50.5hp, wheras its big brother, the Massey Ferguson 8220 is rated at 155 hp.

The MF 8220 will be used on the farm, predominantly for heavy […]

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Monroe Tandem Tractor Hook-Up

From 1964 to 1972, Glen Monroe from Didsbury, Alberta started to attach two tractors together to provide more pulling power. Vintage Tractor Engineer saw this video and found it great viewing.

It reminded us of the Doe Triple D machines that were manufactured in England. Here’s a video of a Triple D in action with […]

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MF 26/27 VLC Special Tool

I recently purchased a large quantity of original 1950’s and 1960’s BMC Dealer service tools, for the servicing and repair of many BMC Classic cars. I have appreciated and collected these beautifully made items for many years, but amongst my recent lot, one tool in particular intrigues me. A large, very heavy cylindrical tool, which […]

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MF35 Still In Daily Farm Use

Today we were dirilling fodder beet using our own 1962 Massey Ferguson 35. The tractor was bought brand new from ‘Claytons of Gilberdyke’ for £620 and was one of the first machines to have the differential lock fitted. Back in the 1960’s and 70’s it was the main tractor on the farm and undertook most […]

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