Vintage Tractor Security And Insurance

Vintage tractor thefts are on the rise. We take an in-depth look at what practical steps you can take to stop the thieves making off with your tractor. Click the title link above to hop over to the website and read the full article.
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Red Diesel

In the UK it is possible to use a rebated fuel in agricultural tractors and non-road vehicles and engines.  The fuel is commonly known as ‘red diesel’ as it contains a dye for easy identification by the authorities.  The fuel may also be known as gas oil, marked rebated gas oil, cherry diesel, 35 second […]

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Can You Recommend An Engineer Or Mechanic?

We get lots of people asking if we can recommend an engineer in various parts of the country (or indeed the world)  who is good with tractor engines.

If you use a good engineer (or mechanic) and you have been pleased with their work, then please click over to the website and leave details of the […]

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Old Traction Engine Pulls Modern John Deere

Jim has sent VTE a link to this video. We see a big heavy old traction engine running in a low gear with low rpm but high torque.  This is challenged by a a high horse power John Deere which has been customised for tractor pulling…


What Can We Learn?
Well the outcome of the tractor pull […]

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Massey Ferguson 35 Photograph

Here at VTE we love to get into detail about different aspects of tractor maintenance.  We’ve got some in-depth articles on things such as:-

Dexta Electrics For Road Use
Fitting Core Plugs To Standard 23C Engine
Adjusting Clutch Pedal Freeplay (MF35)
Understanding The Characteristics Of Multi-Power
Replacing Crankshaft Rope Seals
Setting Lever Springs (MF35 Hydraulics)


All interesting (and serious) stuff.  Every now […]

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Memories Of Threshing Days

Last week we took a trip down memory lane when we talked about threshing dyas and saw vidoes from the Rosemount Vintage Festival.  This has provoked quite a response with people making various comments.


Opposing Views

One gentleman commented that we shouldn’t look back with rose tinted spectacles.  Farmers’ lung, bad backs, poor pay, dust, itching skin, […]

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Threshing Days

Everyone who has worked or grown up on a farm during the early sixties or before remembers threshing day.

The videos from Rosemount Festival have brought back some memories for Dave, who has written in…

It has brought back memories to me from the UK in the 50’s.  I remeber the ol Binder & the threshing machine, […]

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Rosemount Vintage Festival 2013

Dennis has sent in some links to Youtube videos from the 2013 Rosemount Vintage Festival.

It is always good to go along to a local show and see the tractors lined up on display.  However, VTE thinks it’s even better to watch them at work with some vintage machinery.  The videos Dennis has sent show some […]

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