The World’s Favourite Tractor

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Those of us interested in tractors can’t get enough of them, and of course we all have our favourite brand and model.  Tractors have been our ‘secret’ little hobby for years, but now it seems as though even the BBC have started to talk about them.

This BBC article on tractors takes a look at the […]

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Description Of Our Maintenance DVD’s

We have had an email from a gentleman in the US who was asking if we have a printed brochure for our DVD’s and videos.
We haven’t got a printed brochure, as everything is on the website.  However, here is a description of what you will find in the videos…
We currently have 4 DVD’s available…

Ferguson TE20 […]

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Rebuild DVD For Massey Ferguson 35X ?

My tractor is a 35x – does your rebuild video for the 3 cylinder Perkins MF35 cover this engine? I am not sure what the ‘x’ means. I have oil blowing out the dipstick and some pretty blue smoke……so an engine rebuild is possibly on the cards. It costs Euro 2000 to get it done […]

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FE35 – Red And Grey or Bronze And Grey?

Vilhelm has sent in some photos from Sweden of his father’s FE35, which he is intending to restore and bring back to its former glory.  It’s an FE35, 23C engine and serial number SDM28837.

This serial number would date the tractor to 1957, and would also mean it should be painted bronze and grey.  The bronze […]

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Tractor World Show, 2015

The 2015 Tractor World Show will be held on 14th and 15th March 2015 at Malvern Show Ground, Worcestershire, WR13 6NW.



First major show of the year
Turner tractors & machinery display
Displays from most other well known makes
Barn finds/hedgerow themed displays from the regional clubs
Classic tractors including cabbed versions
UK 2015 tractor championship & awards
Stationary engines […]

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1959 Ford 611 Combine Harvester For Sale

We've had an email from Dan who is selling his uncle's vintage Ford combine harvester on ... Dan has written a detailed description of the machine and posted lots of photos and a video of the combine running.
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Harvesting On The Farm, And Welcome To New (Vintage Tractor Engineer) Subscribers

It’s been three months since we’ve posted any tractor maintenance articles here on the website. We’ve been very busy over that period with harvest and cultivations on our farm.

All the sowing has now been completed so we now have a bit more time on our hands to share some tractor photos and information.

I wanted to […]

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Awesome Security

Following the recent tractor security article, we've had an email from a remote landowner who has taken the following security steps for his tractor... Tractor in a steel building. Deadbolt on the regular door. Padlock on the garage door tracks. Logging chain through the tractor rear wheels and then through the attached implement with padlock. Security camera system. Insurance on tractor and implement. That's all a cost and a hassle, but if it keeps the tractor safe then it will be worthwhile.
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