The Best Of Vintage Tractor Engineer, 2010

As we come to the end of another year in our vintage tractor world, Vintage Tractor Engineer thought it would be a good idea to take a look back over the website articles and pick out some of the best.

But before we give you our favourites, we’de just like to wish all our customers and visitors […]

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Hedgerow Grey Fergie Tractors

We’ve all seen old tractors left behind a farm yard, in the corner of a field or under a hedge row (hence the title).  But of all the hedgerow tractors, there can be none more common to see than the Grey Ferguson (English or American built variants).

Thankfully these sights are becoming less common today, as […]

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Early Massey Ferguson 135 Tractors

Christian from Sweden has just purchased the 135 Restoration DVD and is just about to start the restoration of his tractor.  Christian’s tractor is a 1966 model and wants to know what the tractors looked like from this early period and in particular the headlamp design.  Did the headlamp design change or was the style […]

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DVD Not Just For Tractors

It’s about two years ago now that a customer bought an Engine Rebuild DVD, but not for his tractor.  Paul has a 1938 motor cruiser and has just completed a full restoration after spending 3 days a week working on the boat for the past 2 and a half years.  And here is Betsie Jane…

…and […]

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Ferguson TE20 Website Resources

If there’s one model of tractor that’s written most about on the internet it is probably the Ferguson TE 20.  That’s not really surprising in itself, as there were well over 500,000 tractors manufactured between 1946 and 1956.

Vintage Tractor Engineer has decided to take a minute to put some of these resources on this page […]

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Stolen Ferguson FE35 Tractor

Paul has just had his grey and gold FE35 tractor stolen between the 6th and
7th of May 2010.  This isn’t the first theft that Vintage Tractor Engineer has heard about recently.  Not only are people stealing our tractors, but they are even removing bonnets and other parts and stealing them.  If anyone has any […]

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Vintage Tractors, Spring Is Here!

Dave from Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada has sent us a photo of his FE 35 tractor this week…

Vintage Tractor Engineer really connected with this photo and thought ‘Spring is here, let me out of this barn!’ 

Thanks Dave, it is a great photo and probably portrays how all us northern hemisphere tractor enthusiasts feel as Spring […]

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Burnby Vintage Tractor Working Day

Recently we went along to the Burnby Vintage Tractor Working Day.  This was held on Vintage Tractor Engineer’s uncle’s farm and a good number of tractor enthusiasts turned out to enjoy the day.

There isn’t any tractor maintenance/repair information here to learn, but it was just a really good day.  Lots of locals meeting up, enjoying […]

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