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Kevin Mordasky wrote:

I have an MF135D Massey ferguson. It has a two stage clutch with 9″ & 11″ Discs. I know the 9″ disc clearance is .090″ and only need a feeler gauge. Adjusting the 11″ disc requires splitting the tractor. I have the factory manual and it shows how to make a gauge for the larger version of the clutch but not this one.

I need to know were I can buy the correct gauge or find the dimentions so I can make one.

Hi Kevin,

In short I don’t know where to suggest to get the info.

What I do know is that on the MF35 it also has 9″ and 11″ clutch plates. The 11? clutch is operated by coil springs and the 9″ pto clutch is operated by a belleville washer. For the MF35, the setting for the 3 clutch release levers which operate the 11″ clutch is (measured from the face of the spacer ring segments) 2.65ins – 2.72ins (67.31mm – 69.1mm). Variation in lever height must not exceed 0.015in (0.381mm). The bridge tool for this setting is (lever fulcrum height setting guage Tool MF20).

You may be able to get the tool from your MF dealer, otherwise I would suggest making your own tool.