Ford And Fordson Association

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 The Ford and Fordson Association held their annual general meeting on Saturday 24th November 2007 at Ditcheat village hall, Somerset.  Peter Godwin was ellected chairman and David Caley vice-chairman.
Ford And Fordson Association offers its members a bi-monthly magazine, technical help, meetings and everything else related to Ford, Fordson and New Holland tractors.  If […]

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Ford 4000 Spool Valve Oil Return


I have a ford 4000 diesel, and I want to fit a front blade which has a push pull ram fitted, the tractor has an external hydraulic connection point which operates thru the spool valve fitted from factory, but as I wish to operate a double ram there is no where for the oil to […]

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Ford 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 Serial Numbers

The numbers are relevant to Ford tractors manufactured between 1965 and 1975, located on the right hand side of the tractor on the flywheel housing, just rearwards of the starter motor.

They are given in 3 parts an example of which is given below…




This example above would be…

a model 4000, agricultural all purpose, diesel, […]

County Tractors

When County tractors first went into production in 1948, the first machines to be built were track laying. It wasn’t until 1961 that the manufacture of the equal wheeled 4WD units started. The tractors were based on a Fordson Supermajor and badged the Super Four. The drive to the front wheels was via twin shafts […]

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County Super 4 Tractor Working On 125 Cow Michigan Dairy Farm

County Super 4 Tractor Working On 125 Cow Michigan Dairy Farm
By The Vintage Tractor Engineer

Just stumbled on this web site today. It brings back a lot of memories. We live in southwest Michigan in the United States (fairly close to Lake Michigan) on the crest of a small valley in the hilly part. My father […]

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Doe Triple D Tractors

The Doe Dual Drive tractors (or Triple D tractors) were manufactured by Ernest Doe and Sons of Alting, Essex. The Triple D was first invented by farmer George Pryor who wanted more power and traction from his tractors to increase output and productivity. Farmers found that crawler tractors were slow and difficult to […]

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Ford 8N Parts

Ford 8N tractor parts at Vintage Tractor Engineer.

Ford 8N tractor parts are not always easy to find, but most parts are available if you just know where to look.  To help people, we’ve put together a list of the 8N parts suppliers and compared the suppliers for your convenience.  You should be able to find […]

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