Filming Of Massey Ferguson 35 Hydraulics DVD

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Filming of the Massey Ferguson 35 Hydraulics DVD  has started.  Normally it is just a case of removing the seat, but we’ve had to remove the RHS wheel and mudguard so that it has been possible to film the tractor.

 The hydraulics on this tractor have been getting worse and then failed completely.  The […]

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Ferguson FE35 Hydraulics Problem

The 3 point linkage and front loader on my 1957 4 cylinder diesel Mf 35 have stopped working, all happened out of the blue, just worked one day then not. I changed the oil which was quite milky, front loader went up once then no more. 3 point kind of tries to rise (judders) but […]

Ferguson FE35 Golden Grey Hydraulics Not Lifting

Vintage Tractor Engineer has a customer with a hydraulic fault on his FE35 golden grey.  The tractor will lift light implements such as a ridger or spring tine and will lift heavy implements when cold, but when the hydraulics get warm it takes high engine revs to lift the heavier implements such as a rotavator.  […]

David Brown 880 Selectamatic Hydraulic Problem

Hi there,

I have recently purchased a David brown 880-selectamatic 1966 white version. I have a fair bit of experience with rebuilding tractors but this has baffled me, can anyone help me to solve this problem, I have placed a post knocker onto the external hydraulic pipe system on the back of the tractor, but […]

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Bracket For Hydraulic Top Cover Removal, Massey Ferguson 35

The hydraulic top cover on the Massey Ferguson 35 (FE35 and TO35) is a heavy and difficult piece of metal to handle.  It takes 2 people to remove the top cover and then it needs turning upside-down to work on it.


This bracket, in conjunction with a handle, makes removal of the hydraulic cover […]

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