Ferguson FE35 Golden Grey Hydraulics Not Lifting

Vintage Tractor Engineer has a customer with a hydraulic fault on his FE35 golden grey.  The tractor will lift light implements such as a ridger or spring tine and will lift heavy implements when cold, but when the hydraulics get warm it takes high engine revs to lift the heavier implements such as a rotavator.  […]

David Brown 880 Selectamatic Hydraulic Problem

Hi there,

I have recently purchased a David brown 880-selectamatic 1966 white version. I have a fair bit of experience with rebuilding tractors but this has baffled me, can anyone help me to solve this problem, I have placed a post knocker onto the external hydraulic pipe system on the back of the tractor, but […]

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Bracket For Hydraulic Top Cover Removal, Massey Ferguson 35

The hydraulic top cover on the Massey Ferguson 35 (FE35 and TO35) is a heavy and difficult piece of metal to handle.  It takes 2 people to remove the top cover and then it needs turning upside-down to work on it.


This bracket, in conjunction with a handle, makes removal of the hydraulic cover […]

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